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There can be a lot of work involved in selling your bus. Finding places to advertise your bus, fielding perspective buyer phone calls, showing buses to interested parties, discussing price options, financing details, relating technical specifications, and much more. This is why we broker buses, because we have the experience to get it done!

All of this takes your time and money!

Think about how much it might cost you just to advertise a bus in different markets. Think of all of the phone calls and/or e-mail you will be dealing with. The more time you spend doing this, the less you have to do what you want to do. Let us do the work for you! When we broker buses for you, we can lift the burden of moving your bus.

Virtually No Advertising Expenses!

We already advertise with exposure to Hundreds Of Thousands Of Buyers! This allows us to provide brokering services for little or no cost! Like a factory that mass produces its products, we mass produce advertising. This means we can charge you next to nothing for the advertising element of brokering buses.

Your Time Is Not Wasted!

With our bus brokering service, our professionals handle all sales calls, paperwork, transportation and other aspects or your bus sale at NO COST TO YOU! Many times we actually broker buses and get them sold without charging the seller one red cent!

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We've been in the business of buying, selling, and brokering buses for over 2 decades. It may be difficult for you to sell your bus the same way it would be difficult for us to sell expensive a/v equipment, because that is not our specialty. But fortunately we're in the business of brokering buses, and here with our bus brokering service we know how to get things done!

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