When enough students warrant a new bus route, look for a shuttle bus for sale!

When the population in neighborhoods within a school district expands, district administrators are faced with the challenge of providing reliable transportation to a growing number of students. In many cases, it’s wise from an economical standpoint to find a quality used shuttle bus for sale.

Managing the logistics of student transportation can be a complex job for many school districts, particularly when they have to re-design bus routes as the area population grows. Sometimes the shift will be fairly simple, such as carving out smaller bus routes within larger established routes.

When this is the case, finding a good used shuttle bus for sale will often meet the needs of the new route. Shuttle buses, or “mini buses,” are smaller than standard full sized school buses. They have a smaller seating capacity – usually between 12 and 25 – and are far more economical to operate.

If a district needs to open a route for just this number of students, providing them transportation with a shuttle bus is a smart move. Most school districts these days are operating on tight budgets, and they’re constantly looking for ways to trim their spending. A smaller bus is one way to do it.

Buses for Sale handles a large number of excellent re-conditioned mini buses that will perfectly fit the needs of any school district that’s adding a small route to its student transportation services.

Our shuttle buses are made by top manufacturers including Ford, Chevrolet and International. If you would like to shop for buses on our website, we have a handy search tool that will let you narrow your search based on year, make, body style, seating capacity, price, handicap accessibility and more.

Of course, the best way to really shop for a shuttle bus for sale is to visit our lot at 1501 Baltimore Pike in beautiful Springfield, Pa. Here, one of our associates can answer your questions and show you the specific types of buses that would be perfect additions to your fleet.

If you’re a school district administrator faced with expanding bus transportation routes and wanting to add to your fleet an economical shuttle bus, we’ve got what you’re looking for. You can stop by and see us, call us at (877) 287-7253, or contact us by e-mail. We’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

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