When Do You Need a Commercial Drivers License to Drive a Prevost for Sale?

A lot of people wonder if they need a special license to buy a Prevost for sale and drive it home so they can convert it to a motor home. The very short answer is no. The longer answer is as long as the commercial markings and signage are removed, and you don’t take 15 or more of your closest friends along for the ride, you don’t need a CDL to transport your Prevost for sale home.

Bigger Than a Bread Box

You might have noticed that your new Prevost for sale is not your typical RV. However, once it has been converted to an RV it is technically no longer a bus, so you are not required to have a special license to drive it as far as the federal government is concerned. State laws will vary from not requiring anything more than a regular driver’s license to needing a special endorsement or two.

Prevost bus

Prevost Bus

While you might think you need special training, even that is not required in most cases. The Federal Motor Carrier Bureau, which is the agency responsible for monitoring Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) programs, does have some very specific rules outlining circumstances in which you must have a CDL to drive a large vehicle.

Not a Sports Car

When driving a large Class A motor home like a converted Prevost for sale, it is important to remember that, even though you are driving with your standard Class C driver’s license, this is not a sports car or the family sedan. Special care needs to be taken to keep you, your passengers, and others safe at all times.

Even though a CDL is not required, you are still driving a commercial sized vehicle. While it’s easier than you might think to drive, you must never forget that it takes longer to slow down when braking. This means that you must allow for even greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you no matter what speed you are driving.

Allowing safe distances for your Class A Prevost for sale motor home to enter highways is as important as following distances. Your RV does not have the same acceleration as the family sedan, so be sure to allow yourself enough distance to safely merge on to highways.

States Get Into the Action

Even though the federal government does not require states to issue CDLs for Class A RVs, some states such as California may require that you obtain a special endorsement for your Class C license in order to operate your RV. States that do have requirements for special endorsements generally base the need for those requirements on the same standards as the federal requirements for a CDL.

When it comes to special endorsements, you are required to follow the laws of your home state (where your license is issued) and not the states you will be driving in. So if you come from a state that does not have any special requirements, and you visit Connecticut, which does have special requirements, you do not have to do anything other than obey Connecticut’s traffic laws.

Enjoy traveling around the country in your very own Prevost for sale. For more information about finding a Prevost for sale visit bargainbusnews.com or call 877-277-7253.


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