Using a Bus for Sale to see Europe

The “Continent” is the way they used to refer to Europe in old black and white movies is still a richly diverse collection of countries and cultures worthy of visiting. Traveling to and around Europe can get to be quite costly. Jetting from country to country can easily transform a dream trip in an expensive nightmare. Train travel that was once a bargain is now often more expensive than flying, what’s the alternative?

Traveling Europe by bus may mean the difference between the trip of a lifetime and staying home. At the very least touring Europe by luxury bus can mean seeing more of the continent and saving money at the same time. From the mysterious Black Forest of Germany to the soaring Italian and Swiss Alps deluxe motor coach travel is making a comeback in a big way across Europe.

Saving money on your European vacation begins with getting there in the first place. Flights are less expensive when you travel from major hub to major hub so consider making starting your journey from a major US hub like New York. Incorporating a visit to the big apple may be less expensive in the long run they trying to fly directly from say the mid-west.

Your dream trip may include Croatia but it doesn’t have to start or end there. Consider flying into an established European hub such as Rome or Paris to start your vacation. You certainly won’t be lacking things to see and do when you arrive in your hub city and the airfare savings can be substantial enough to extend your trip by days or countries, your choice.

With a little advance planning traveling around Europe by bus can be extremely rewarding because it will afford you the opportunity to see more of the countries you visit than you would at 35,000 feet. Well planned bus travel doesn’t have to add up to lost time either. Planning to travel from locale to locale overnight is a great way to maximize your time on the ground and because buses can deliver you directly to city centers or countryside locations while you sleep there is no wasted time getting to and from airports.

North, south, east or west, which part of Europe do you plan to visit? Divide and conquer is not just a brilliant military strategy it is a great way to travel. Unless you are blessed with unlimited time for your trip trying to squeeze every corner of Europe into a single visit is not a good idea.

Consider dividing the continent into overlapping quadrants so that you can fly into say Munich Germany which would be in the Northern Quadrant and from there head further north through Scandinavia or head south through the alps into France, Spain and Italy.

The ideal of bus travel is to take advantage of the flexibility of scheduling and the ability to easily visit places that are off the beaten path for a more authentic view of Europe than you would get going from airport to airport. can help you find your own bus for sale so that you can enjoy travel around our continent on your own schedule. For more information about how to get your own bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

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