Used Minibus and Charter Tour Bus Features

Used Minibus

A used minibus makes a great multipurpose vehicle. Typically, a used minibus is used for shuttling moderately sized groups; for example, transporting students long distances on a college campus. A company that provides airport, hotel or worksite transfers would also purchase a used minibus for transporting about a dozen passengers at a time.

Look into buying a used minibus if you need a reliable form of transportation for family or business trips. There’s plenty of room for a good-sized group of people and their luggage, and a used minibus will provide more personal space than a minivan. However, the more passengers you add to a used minibus, the less room there is for luggage. The majority of minibuses have little to no room in the back, making transporting large quantities of luggage a problem. If storage is a priority, get a used minibus that carries more passengers than you need.

A used minibus can be a more cost effective alternative to a larger deluxe charter tour bus for transporting smaller groups. Depending on the size, a used minibus can seat 8-15 passengers. A used minibus rarely includes a restroom, almost always offers air conditioning, and sometimes includes a TV and DVD player. Newer used minibus models include wheelchair lifts, and improved safety features. These used minibus models offer slip-resistant flooring and wheelchair-accessible rear entrances.

Charter Tour Bus

A charter tour bus can also be referred to as a tour bus, charter bus and deluxe motorcoach, and is designed for long distance travel. A charter tour bus is ideal for conferences, corporate groups, school trips, church events or any similar event requiring the transport of a large group of people.

An older charter tour bus that’s about 10 to 15 years old will generally provide all the luxurious features of newer charter tour bus, with the exception of wifi Internet access. A charter tour bus will usually include air conditioning, TVs, a DVD player, curtains, a restroom and nice carpeting. Many older charter tour bus models include features such as individual climate control and reading lights, adjustable foot rests a PA system and more.

Bus dealers offer a wide variety of charter tour buses consisting of different styles and sizes. The seating patterns for a charter tour bus are typically 47, 55, 56 and 57. A charter tour bus usually has the capability to seat between 36 and 61 passengers.

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