How to Use Sustainability to Improve a Shuttle Bus Company

Shuttle businesses provide useful transportation for customers to regional or hub airports, while other vehicles provide rides to customers on personal business. The savvy shuttle bus company owner does his or her homework before starting a business. He or she also analyzes the market and possible routes, and identifies opportunities. An aspect that plays into all of these efforts is sustainability. By building sustainability into the shuttle service, companies can affect route and distance opportunities, marketing outreach, and most importantly, cost and income variables.

Whether you have one or 100 shuttle buses, keeping costs down is about more than a well run bus. When you factor in fuel costs and maintenance, many shuttle bus companies see the need to be creative with their buses, which is one area where sustainability comes in. Some companies can take advantage of sustainable practices with the first shuttle bus for sale that they purchase while others will augment their current fleet with buses that incorporate or can incorporate sustainability.



For instance, most diesel vehicles don’t need any retrofitting to use a five percent concentration of biodiesel fuel. It can be cost effective in the long run to modify the bus to use higher concentrations, such as 20 percent or 100 percent (B20 and B100). Biodiesel adds the extra lubrication that is lacking in diesel fuel to keep the engine running well because all diesel engines operate at extremely high pressures and require good lubricity in the fuel to prevent wear. This can maximize engine life while reducing maintenance costs and fuel costs overall.

Today, many cab companies and shuttle services are setting themselves apart by marketing their services as “clean fuel transport.” While Hybrid shuttle buses may be out of the question financially speaking, for someone seeking a shuttle bus for sale, biofuel modification is a viable alternative. Properly marketed, this environmentally friendly approach can attract customers while also potentially increasing the distance or number of shuttle trips that can improve your bottom line. This can allow a growing shuttle bus business to provide an economical service while saving money.

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