Trick out a shuttle bus for sale for security too!

The President of the United States travels securely and in style. Most people do not know just how secure the President Obama’s presidential limousine actually is? For obvious security reason much about the presidential limousine and its accompanying vehicles may never be known but a great deal is. While you may not want to trick out a shuttle bus for salewith the same security as is available to the president you can try.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus

Shortly after President Obama’s second inauguration some details about the presidential limo were made available to a press corp and public hungry for more information about this incredible vehicle. The limo, which is no ordinary shuttle bus for sale, is known unofficially as “The Beast”. Like any beast this one has an almost insatiable appetite for fuel and gets about 8 miles per gallon.

The doors are eight inches thick and made from a combination of titanium, steel, aluminum and ceramics. Its armor is so thick that not even sound from the outside gets into the driver’s compartment or the passenger cabin. To overcome this disconnect from the outside world the limo is equipped with microphones on the body so that the occupants can hear what is going on outside the belly of the beast.

The Beast features a night vision camera to provide a clear view of risks lurking in the shadows. In the event of fire the presidential limo has an on board firefighting system. Just like the family car or a shuttle bus for sale President Obama’s limo has run flat tires and steel wheels which means you won’t see the President on the side of the road changing a flat tire any time soon.

The limo is equipped to be a safe sanctuary from more than just bullets and explosives it also has a lock down mechanism that renders the interior completely safe from the threat of biological or chemical attacks. The President may not be James Bond but his car has a Bond-inspired camera that allows the driver to see through fog and smoke.

The James Bond features of the Beast also include infrared smoke grenades which can surround the vehicle in a fog that makes targeting rockets, rocket propelled grenades and other weapons difficult at best. This super limo would not be complete without a state of the art encrypted communication system to communicate with the other 45 vehicles in a typical presidential motorcade and the outside world.

In the unlikely event all the defensive systems fail and the President is injured in an attack inside or outside the car the limo carries an unreported quantity of the President’s blood in case an emergency transfusion is required.

You may not want to trick out your own shuttle bus for sale like the Beast but you can certainly add state of the art audio, video, mood lighting, wet bars and more. For more information about how to find a shuttle bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


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