Three, Must See, Party Buses For Your Next Investment!

This past week at we’ve had some really great limo/ party style buses come through. I’ve highlighted three that are perfect for just starting out on your party bus adventures or whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking to add to your fleet. Each of these buses have their own unique features and choosing just one, well we’ll leave that up to you!

Perfect Choices For Starting Your Party Bus Business

2008 Ford E350 14 Passenger Party Bus
This bus has one of the wildest designs I’ve seen lately. It’s truly an eye catcher and makes you say “Wow, this bus knows how to party!” It’s 2008 Ford E350 14 Passenger Party Bus. Did you hear? 14 passenger! That means that you can drive this bus without a CDL (Commercial Driver License)! What a better bus get your party on than one you don’t have to get an extra license to drive? Plus, this bus is ready for service, unique black and white interior design, executive wood flooring, LED TV’s, behind seat cup holders, sound system and more! This bus has been carefully maintained and cared for and passengers will love partying on this bus! For full details on the 2008 Ford E350 Click Here!

2016 Ford 27 Passenger Limo Bus
I have to admit that I love this bus for the fact that it has a place to carry luggage. This is not commonly found on party style buses. To me, this means your passengers don’t have to stop the fun and can party from one destination to another. As long as you or your drivers are willing to go further this can add a unique option to your party business offerings. This bus is a 2012 Ford 27 Passenger Limo Bus. It features fun laser lighting and is fully equipped with 3 flat screen TV’s. With luggage for approximately 20 bags this bus is perfect for corporate events or trips and before or after wedding parties! For full details on the 2012 Ford Limo Bus Click Here!

2016 Ford F550 Executive Party Bus
Last, I chose this bus for it dual functionality. I dub thee the “Mullet Bus”. Executive class during the day and party at night! This is a 2016 Ford F550 Limo Bus featuring the ever classic, but elegant black interior and exterior. It is the perfect bus to be used as an executive day bus. Shades can be drawn up and there is a large front view window, another feature not commonly found for this style of buses. During daylight hours in it’s natural form, this bus shouts natural executive grace, but when the sun goes down, pull the shades and light her up with the fabulous color changing lights! Multiple beverages areas laid out perfectly between bench style seating make this bus comfortable and functional! For full details on the 2016 Ford Executive Party Bus Click Here!

Whether you are looking to start a party bus business or add to your fleet has what you need! You can see all of our Limo and Party Buses here!

If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a special request let one of our experienced sales reps find the perfect bus for you! Give us a call 1-877-287-7253 or email us at [email protected]

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