The Cost of Touring – Why Bands May Consider a Tour Bus for Sale

So you want to be a rock and roll star. That means hitting the road and going on tour which can be very expensive. Touring is even more expensive when you don’t get it right. Musicians will tell you that being on the road can be a great experience full of incredible stories, but when the tour is over, all that’s left is a lot of debt.

A successful tour requires planning in order to keep expenses down. Carefully calculating all the tour expenses in advance will help you make sure that your anticipated income is at least enough to allow you to break even at the end of the road trip. Airfare and van rentals can add up in a hurry, especially when you realize that you will always have extra baggage charges because of your gear.

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One way to limit those expenses is to consider finding your own tour bus for sale, rather than relying on airlines and rental agencies. Owning your own tour bus means that calculating your costs will be a lot easier since you know how much your bus costs to operate. And there won’t be any surprises for extra bags and unavailable van rentals.

Baggage fees add up quickly for a four member band when you consider that only your first bag may be included in your airfare. The second bag will likely be $50 and the third any more bags than that are likely to be $100 or more. Consider that even a small drum kit requires four or five bags at least. That’s not including amps, guitars and merchandise to sell at shows.

The costs roll up fast. Airports are also expensive places to eat. Traveling by a tour bus for sale means that you can carry your own food with ease saving you money that you would otherwise spend at expensive airport restaurants.

Not all venues are near the airport either, and expensive mileage charges to rental vans can add up in a hurry. Imagine that you have gigs booked in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins ,and Cheyenne Wyoming. That’s a stretch of 170 miles. In a rented van that charges by the mile, that’s extremely expensive once you tack on gas and insurance. It’s even more expense if you have to do a one way rental so you can fly out to your next gig in Montana.

The bottom line is this: if being in a band is going to be more than a hobby, you have to think like a business person as much as you do a musician. Thinking like a business person means understanding that sometimes the initial cost of buying is less expensive in the long run that the cost of renting.

The business learning curve may be tough, and may not be why you wanted to be in a band in the first place, but making smart business decisions that save you and your band mates money is the surest way to keep rocking on for the long haul.

Take your band on the road with your own tour bus for sale and save money in the process. Find out more about how a tour bus for sale can work for you by visiting or call 877-277-7253.

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