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Do I Need a CDL to Drive a 15 Seat Passenger Van in California?

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Commercial driver’s licenses are issued by individual states according to federal guidelines. Commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) are issued for driver’s who wish to operate a number of different classes of motor vehicles for commercial purposes. States also issue other non-CDL endorsements for certain vehicles that could be considered commercial because of their size or weight but are not operated as commercial vehicles.

State endorsements vary by state and are only required by drivers who live in that state. Visitors driving vehicles that would require a special endorsement to operate in California, for example, are allowed to drive that vehicle without the endorsement if their home state does not require it.

15_passenger_van_rental_15_passenger_van15 Passenger Vans

The answer to the question posed in the title is, it depends. In some cases, you need a CDL to drive a 15 seat passenger van, and in some cases you don’t. If the vehicle is designed to carry 10 or more passengers including the driver, and is being operated for hire or profit, a California CDL is required. The same is true if a non-profit group or organization like a church or youth group is using the vehicle.

The exception to the rule is when the van is being used for personal reasons. For example, a large extended family could own and operate a 15 seat passenger van for taking the family on vacation or the movies, and the driver would not be required to have a CDL to legally drive it in California.

Who Needs a California CDL?

Anyone who drives commercial vehicles must apply for a commercial driver’s license. You must be a legal resident of California in order to get a California CDL. To establish residency, you must be at least one of the following; registered to vote in California, paying resident tuition at a public college, filing for a California homeowner’s property tax exemption, have another license such as a fishing license, or have another benefit or privilege that is not normally available for non-residents.

School district employees as well as community colleges and private schools that own and operate 15 seat passenger vans must have a driver with a valid California CDL. This includes vehicles that are manufactured to carry 15 passengers regardless of how many are in the vehicle at any one time, even if some or all of the seats have been removed.

CDL Exceptions

There are exceptions to California’s CDL requirements such as people who are exempt under Health and Safety code 25163. Persons who are operating a covered vehicle in an emergency at the request or direction of a peace officer are exempt from needing a CDL. Drivers of housecars that are between 40 and 45 feet do not need a CDL but do need a special endorsement.

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Top Uses for a 15 Seat Passenger Van

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous play by Sir Thomas More A Man For All Seasons, which is about a man’s struggle with his conscience. There is another story about a man who grew tired of hearing his children complain that they didn’t have enough room and his wife’s concern that her parents were getting too old to drive themselves to family functions, let alone join them on vacation.

Our story is not as much about the man, but how he managed to solve many of the problems in is life with a van for all seasons – a 15 seat passenger van to be specific. Our man, we’ll call him Ted, tried minivans, station wagons, and SUVs, but nothing quite fit the needs of his family of 5 children, a dog, and occasionally friends of the kids, both his parents, and his in-laws.

Ted became a man obse15_passenger_van_rental_15_passenger_vanssed with the complicated logistics of coordinating multi-vehicle caravans to visit his brother in a neighboring state or bringing the family and friends to his alma-mater’s homecoming game. Ted’s life became a tangle of phone calls to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs. He was spending more time and effort planning elaborate schemes for making sure members of his caravans didn’t get separated than he did enjoying time with family and friends until Ted purchased a used 15 seat passenger van!

Suddenly Ted’s life got easier and the complaints and concerns of his family melted into distant memories. With plenty of room for everyone – children, parents, in-laws, friends, even the dog – Ted was able to enjoy spending time with his family. Travel was transformed from a hassle to heaven all thanks to that 15 seat passenger van.

Trips to the water park, the beach, and the mountains that used to take hours of time to organize became simple. No long did he have to negotiate with the kids about who could take a friend this time. Now they could all take a friend, every time. Hitting the open road was now as easy as opening the door and letting everyone climb on board. Ted was a happy man.

Ted loves his van so much he now loves to car pool to work and business functions. Ted is first in line to volunteer to take his son’s baseball team to away games and his daughter’s Girl Scout troop to camping trips.

Ted’s wife, Cindy, loves taking her girlfriends on shopping excursions because there’s more than enough room for all of them to travel together with plenty of room to carry home all of their purchases, too. Ted wonders how he ever managed without his van for all seasons before.

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