Sustainability in Florida with a School Bus for Sale

The buzz word for school districts, municipalities, businesses and organizations throughout Florida is sustainability. Going green and reducing and reusing includes steps like purchasing a pre-owned school bus for sale. Another is Natural gas. Natural gas is a clean, plentiful, environmentally friendly lower cost and domestically produced source of fuel for motor vehicles.

The first question people have when they hear natural gas as fuel for vehicles they ask is it safe? Handled properly, natural gas is safe and many of us use it everyday for cooking and heating without incident. Natural gas also generates a large portion of our electricity.

Natural gas is a natural fuel and requires almost no processing before it is used. Mostly methane natural gas which could be used in a school bus for sale has a high octane rating of between 120-130 and is clean burning and extremely efficient with very low emissions. Natural gas for vehicles makes sense when you compare it to regular gas or diesel. It is not toxic and ground and water contamination is virtually impossible.

Natural gas as fuel for a school bus for sale makes good economic sense as well with gas around $4. per gallon many businesses, municipalities and school districts are considering the switch to this clean alternative.

Natural gas fueling stations are popping up with increasing regularity throughout the country and Florida is no exception. Priced at about the equivalent of $2.19 per gallon gasoline and this is helping to drive sales.

With more and more organizations looking into the feasibility of switching to natural gas the availability of fueling stations should continue to increase making the conversion even more viable as time goes on. Filling a vehicle such as a school bus for sale with natural gas is almost the same as filling it with gas or diesel. The only difference is the way the fill hose attaches to the vehicle.

Another concern for some people when it comes to natural gas powered vehicles is the danger of explosion. According to experts natural gas dissipates much faster than gasoline because it is lighter than air and requires a higher temperature to ignite than gasoline making it safer in the event of an accident.

A school bus for sale along with greater use of natural gas may be the solution your school district, business or organization is looking for to improve sustainability. For more information about how to buy a school bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

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