How to Start a Shuttle Bus Rental Company

The most successful businesses are the ones that find out what customers need and provide them with the goods or services they are looking for at a fair price. The shuttle bus rental business comes in two basic types commuter and non-commuter. The great thing about owning a shuttle bus and starting a business is that you can do both kinds of service with the same bus.

A Commuter shuttle bus service is one that makes regular runs to and from the same drop-off and pick-up locations at specific times of day each day of the work week. This type of service is vital for people who either don’t own a car or would rather not drive and live too far from public transportation or work in locations that are not served by public transit.

Commuter shuttle bus services can either sell weekly passes or individual trips on a first come first serve basis. A single shuttle bus may serve more than one company’s employees in an industrial or office park. A shuttle bus company can also be used to make shorter runs of a couple of miles between a mass transit hub and a suburban or rural office or industrial park.

Another type of shuttle bus service is one that makes dedicated or appointment based runs to locations such as bus terminals, airports and shopping malls. These services can be door to door from customer’s homes, this is common for developments and large apartment buildings to shopping centers at appointed times of day.

Specialty shuttle bus services may also contract with small hotels and motels which do not have enough business on their own to support a shuttle bus and driver. A single independent shuttle bus operator may therefore choose to service several hotels clustered around an airport for example.

In order to start a shuttle bus rental company you will have to have formed a business organization such as a corporation, partnership or even a sole proprietorship. Most lawyers and many certified public accountants can help with forming a proper business entity.

Once your business is formed you can begin the process of applying for the appropriate licenses necessary to legally operate your business in your state and municipality. Once your licenses and permits are completely in order it is time to start to find customers for your new business.

Contacting small independent hotels and motels near area airports is a great way to start. An effective sales pitch may be explaining that your service will make the small independent hotel competitive with large chain hotels. As part of a airport service business you can also contact parking facilities that provide reduced rate airport parking for travelers. Your new shuttle service could pick-up and drop off customers for the remote parking lots.

Regardless of what type of clients you chose to go after having a properly inspected and perfectly operating shuttle bus is vital to building a reputation as a reliable service operator.

Finding a shuttle bus for sale can be the first step to being in business for yourself and financial independence. For more information about finding a tour bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

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