School District Budget Cuts Make a Used School Bus for Sale Appealing

Brand new school buses are expensive and can quickly eat away at school district budgets, which are already tight, in most cases. For this reason, many district officials shop for a used school bus for sale when they need to add to their bus fleet.

Buses for Sale handles a large number of different types of used school buses. We know that finding a school bus for sale isn’t that hard, but finding one from a dealer with a solid reputation for great prices and unsurpassed service isn’t always easy.

When a school district representative comes to us looking for a school bus for sale, we find out exactly what they need in a bus – a particular age limit, seating capacity, maker, safety features, engine size, etc. – then go to work finding that exact bus.

Price is also an issue, particularly with school district that are opting for a used school bus for sale rather than purchasing a new one. Fortunately our lot is always stocked with a huge number of buses, often with prices starting as low as $5,995.

Of course, you can pay a lot more for a used school bus. Many factors are involved in determining a fair price, and we’re able to explain them to school district reps. Our sales personnel know our buses inside and out. They want everyone who walks on the lot to leave with the perfect bus for them.

Typical used school buses you’ll find at Buses for Sale include buses by Chevrolet, International, Thomas, Ford and others in all the popular models and body styles. Finding a used school bus for sale here is remarkably simple.

We offer to school districts small buses such as the Ford E 350 with a seating capacity of 15 all the way up to a huge International Amtran that seats 72. The majority of our school buses are painted in the traditional school-bus-yellow shade, so all that’s required of a school district is to paint its name on the side.

The bottom line is, we appreciate our school district customers and will do everything possible to find them the makes and models and sizes of school buses that meet their fleets’ requirements. Our stock is always expansive, and it’s never hard to find the right bus at Buses for Sale.

If you’re a school district representative looking to add a quality used bus to your fleet, call us at (877) 287-7253, or visit us in person at 1501 Baltimore Pike in beautiful Springfield, PA.

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