Safety Tips for a Bus for Sale

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration students are about 50 times more likely to get to school safely in school bus than if they drive themselves or travel with fiends. Not only that, but they are also much safer on a school bus for salethan are being driven by a parent. Riding a school bus is also safer for your children in the long run because it’s better for the environment too!

School  Bus

School Bus

A modern school bus for sale is designed and built with safety in mind. They are stronger, more efficient and better maintained than ever before. A school bus for sale makes the world a better place by reducing traffic and pollution by keeping extra cars off the road and riding the bus is safer than traveling to school in a car.

The number of very young children going to school on a school bus for sale is at its highest level ever. School bus safety for the youngest passengers is just like any other vehicle. Young children must be secured by an approved Child Safety Restraint System (CSRS) when riding the bus.

Just like the family car a school bus for sale that is transporting very young children is equipped with either harnesses or lap belts and in order for them to be effective in preventing injury they must be used and used properly. A school bus for sale restraint that is too loose may be as useless as not using one at all.

A typical school bus for sale has seats that are 39 inches wide and the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that up to three younger elementary school aged children may sit on each seat and 2 older or children per seat is permissible. Children and adults are safest when they are properly seated on the bus with their legs in and their backs against the seat.

School buses for sale are designed to be ridden without the use of restraints for all but the youngest passengers. A school bus is bigger and stronger than a passenger car and therefore is better able to absorb the energy of a collision. School bus seats are placed intentionally close together to provide a protective envelope for passengers.

For the school bus’ protective design to be most effective passengers should remain completely within the confines of the seat space and not be seated so that they are partially in the school bus aisle or standing. Students and passengers should be instructed  to wait until the school bus has come to a complete stop and the driver indicates that it is safe to get up before leaving their seats.

Drivers of passenger cars and other vehicles can do their part in adding to school bus for sale safety by observing all school bus laws and never passing a school bus especially when it is stopped with its fold out stop sign extended to load or unload children.

School bus safety is the responsibility of everyone from parents and teachers to other drivers. Keeping kids safe on a school bus for sale is often as simple as common sense. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


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