Excellence from a Prevost for Sale

4545-1998PrevostH3-45-1Prevost’s history of excellence continues with an improved redesign of their vehicles HVAC systems. Prevost engineers and R&D teams continually strive to improve and refine Prevost buses in order to maintain their position as a leading manufacturer of high quality buses.

No matter where your travels take you from inner city traffic to the wide open roads of the American west passenger comfort is the key to how good an experience is had by all concerned. A well designed HVAC system that is properly installed and maintained on a Prevost for sale does more than make a trip comfortable it eliminates adverse health issues that are caused by poor indoor air quality.

Creating a comfortable environment for a large number of passengers in a relatively small space is a real test of engineering vision and skill. The Prevost Car Company of Quebec, Canada has been doing just that for more than 70 years. Their expertise in producing buses and motor homes that provide the highest level of comfort is second to none.

Being the best is not good enough for Prevost engineers in their constant quest to build better HVACR systems. Engineers found that existing wire mesh air filters that were continuously exposed to road dirt and dust were not doing an optimal job of maintaining good quality indoor air.

Once the issue was identified the research and development (R&D) team at Prevost designed a new state-of-the-art climate control system that provides heating and cooling with a sufficient supply of filtered air in all weather conditions. The R&D team’s primary goal was to capture a higher percentage of airborne pollutants without restricting the adequate air flow required to maintain the world class climate control system.

The system works by drawing fresh air in from the outside as needed and interior temperature is controlled by a six-stage electronic energy management control system. The system is designed to provide easy access with the heater and evaporator cores mounted in the baggage bay. Ease of access ensures that routine maintenance is performed more easily.

A second baggage by holds the condenser core which is mounted on hinges to provide access to both motors and axial fans and the system’s compressor is mounted in the rear engine compartment where it is directly driven by the engine through V-belts. There are twin axial condenser exhaust fans which are capable of running from 220 C.F.M to 2700 C.F.M maintaining 2200 C.F.M in heat mode.

This rate of flow produces between 400 – 500 pi/m face velocity at the filter with 15% of fresh air mixed with the returned air. The air passes through a Prematron electrostatic air filter and then trough cooling and heating coils before being returned to the cabin through grills located below the windows on both sides of the vehicle.

Permatron’s exclusive Accumulator Chamber design enables the air filter to have a high dirt holding capacity of 130 grams without restricting air flow. Independent tests using industry standards show the filter in this application has an average efficiency of 78%. The filters are permanent, washable and built to outlast the system on which they are installed. Prevost’s filter maintenance schedule includes monthly rinsing with water stands up to regular cleaning and does not require replacement.

Prevost’s own reputation for reliability and innovation dictate that products used in their buses are manufactured to the same high standards that Prevost employs. Permatron’s own track record of 53 years of proven performance has made it the logical choice for Prevost for more than 20 years.

Excellence is the hallmark of a Prevost for sale. Find out more about how a Prevost for sale is right for you by visiting bargainbusnews.com or call 877-277-7253.

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