All New Ultra Compact Heavy Duty Cummins X12 Engine Will Power MCI in 2019

Pssst….Have You Heard?

Cummins Inc. and Motor Coach Industry recently publicized that the all new 2018 Cummins X12 engine will become standard in MCI models coming 2019. MCI models featuring the all new lighter weight heavy-duty X12 diesel engine will be J4500, D-Series, Commuter Coach and Inmate Specialty Coaches. Along with MCI’s legendary quality, suburb reliability, MCI’s designs are top of the line and partnering them with the new Cummins X12 Engine, MCI is only adding to their extensive list of features. If you haven’t checked out the new J4500 or even D-Series Models, now is the time to do so. MCI 2018 J4500 Coach Bus

Why the New 2018 Cummins X12 Engine?

2018 Cummins X12 EngineAt just 2500lbs the X12 Still delivers powerful performance from 350 hp to 500hp and 1250 to 170lb ft of peak torque. According to Cummins Inc. they designed the X12 specifically for weight-sensitive applications. It is about 600lbs. lighter than other medium-bore engines and 150lbs. lighter than other lightweight engines in its class. They’ve been working hard all through 2017 to bring you the best in class and with the light weight, low friction design and extended maintenance intervals, they may have just outdone themselves. With the new X12, Cummins estimates a 6% better fuel economy and with clean in-cylinder emissions, a 3-4% DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) consumption and less fuel required to maintain your DPF (diesel particulate filter). And, since the X12 delivers cutting edge technology, why not pair it with an innovative Single Module aftertreatment system. This module eliminates up to 40% of the aftertreatment weight. Its smaller and compact size makes it able to be situated closer to the engine making it economical and more efficient for heat management. This means lower maintenance and improved performance!Cummins X12 Specifications

Does Your Engine Communicate With You?

The Cummins X12 is enabled with connected diagnostics with automatically performs trouble shooting if fault code is triggered and can send notifications and recommended actions. Knowing when or if you need to take a vehicle out of service can save in valuable time and towing fees later. X12 is also able to make over the air calibrations negating the time normally spent taking a vehicle out of service.

Performance On The Road

With the Cummins X12 you have a broad choice of transmissions. Whether fully automatic or manual this engine provides excellent throttle response for stop and go. The X12 combined with the new Cummins engine brake greatly increases stopping power and increase brake life. Whether you are city driving or long hauls this engine will perform. To quote Cummins “The X12 was designed to be a left lane truck with a right lane fuel economy.” Less maintenance, great performance and higher fuel mileage means less time worrying and more time out making money! With this engine you will, as Cummins puts it, reduce your total cost of ownership. Cummins X12 Torque and Horsepower CurvesCummins X12 Vocational Power Torque Curves

We at think MCI(Motor Coach Industries)made a smart choice putting this new Cummins X12 Engine in their 2019 lineup. If you would like to view our current MCI inventory click here!

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