New PRIME Energy Management System on a Prevost Bus for Sale

The holy grail of energy is Free Energy, which means energy that costs nothing to produce and is the result of another process. Wind and solar are great examples of free energy because there is no cost to produce them. When it comes to vehicles particularly a Prevost bus for sale they alternatives like wind and solar are not currently being considered but something called negative torque is.

Before we get to how Prevost’s New Prime Energy Management System on a Prevost bus for sale works we have to understand what “Negative Torque” is and before that we have to know what torque is. Torque is a measure of force based on twisting or turning such as you would do with a wrench on a bolt.

Prevost bus

Prevost Bus

On a vehicle such as a Prevost bus for sale moving forward the energy created by the wheels turning the axle is measured as torque and is the product of the engine turning the drive shaft and propelling the bus forward. The turning of the wheels produces torque.

The wheels on a bus turning forward produce torque. When the brakes are applied the force used to slow the bus is Negative Torque and since the engine is not using any fuel to slow the bus the energy from the Negative Torque is Free because it is the by product of another process and cost nothing to produce.

Prevost has developed a system to capture this Free energy created from Negative Torque and convert it to electricity which is used to help run the bus’ systems without using any additional fuel. A Prevost bus for sale equipped with the New PRIME Energy Management System will have a lower cost to operate because thing like air conditioning, interior lights and entertainment systems can be run on free electricity.

The system works by using the energy created when the bus brakes or decelerates to create compressed air which is used to generate electricity. That free electricity is then stored in very efficient, maintenance free Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM). AGM batteries are far more durable than regular lead acid batteries and can last up to four times longer.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries on a Prevost bus for sale are designed to take repeated deep discharges and when combined with a battery equalizer that monitors the State of Charge (SOC) of the batteries the risk of overcharging is eliminated and the batteries life is greatly extended.

Thanks to the systems intelligent design the batteries are able to help deliver greater fuel efficiency to the Prevost bus for sale and lower overall operating costs without compromising the comfort of the passengers. Tests have shown a  fuel savings of 2% or more which over the service life of a Prevost bus for sale can amount to thousands of dollars in savings.


Free Electricity produced by Negative Torque and stored in state of the art Absorbed Glass Mat batteries is another reason a Prevost Bus For Sale is a great idea. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


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