How much do Tour Buses Cost

Tour buses come in a variety of types and styles and their costs are equally diverse. Finding the right tour bus at the right price all starts with knowing what you are looking for. There are all sorts of tour buses available for all kinds of purposes, from touring bands to day trip sightseeing buses to political tour buses with office and sleeping quarters. The right tour bus at the right price starts all starts with you.

Band Buses

Taking your band on the road after you’ve outgrown the band van means stepping up to a tour bus. Every band’s needs are different and there tour buses available to match your needs. They run the gamut from buses that include private bedrooms and showers and for the band and sleeping bunks for the support team traveling with the band.

Band buses that include elaborate sleeping quarters and bars and other perks are going to be at the higher end of the band tour bus spectrum while simpler tour buses equipped with a bathroom and comfortable reclining seats are less expensive. The perfect band tour bus is the one that your band can afford.

Political Tour Buses

Politics and rock-n-roll might seem like they’re worlds apart but when it comes to tour buses they can be remarkably similar. The first thing a political tour bus is going to want to do is let everyone know who’s on the bus and that happens on the outside. All types of tour buses can be wrapped with colorful graphics announcing the candidate and their positions.

Political tour buses like band tour buses can be have custom interiors that include bedrooms, full bathrooms, make-up chairs, office space and staff seating areas. The interior design possibilities for these types of buses are almost as limitless as the positions of political candidates.

Sightseeing Tour Buses

Sightseeing tours can be overnight or extended tours where guests are transported from a starting point to one or more points of interest where overnight accommodations are provided and the storage areas that are located on the lower portion of the bus are used to store guest bags while the bus travels from location to location. These tour buses come equipped with restrooms so that passengers can enjoy the scenery in route without having to worry about when the buss will arrive at the next rest area.

Sightseeing buses are also commonly used for day trips around cities, national parks and to shuttle visitors from one or more central locations to a destination where they may continue the tour on the bus or disembark for walking tours. These buses can have a variety of other amenities including in seat video and audio so that guests can be entertained between stops.

Double Decker Tour Buses

Double Decker tour buses are a popular sightseeing tour bus for large metropolitan areas because of their increased seating capacity and expansive views of city landscapes. Many tour operators prefer this style of bus because it doubles their occupancy for less than double the operating cost.

Tour buses come in as many styles and with as many features as the diverse needs of those who buy them. For more information about finding a tour bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

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