Motorhomers are Adventurers

Recent research has shown that motorhome owners are much more likely to take a short trip or extended vacation than are non-owners. How much more likely? According to recent polls conducted of motorhome owners, they are 50% more likely to take a vacation or visit a new location than other vehicle owners are. That means that motorhome drivers take twice as many vacations, visit twice as many new places, and have twice as much fun with their friends and families.

So, what is it about motorhome owners that makes them so adventurous? It could be that people who buy motorhomes are naturally inclined to take trips and go on adventures. No one buys a motorhome to just let it sit in his or her yard, after all. But many signs point to something deeper, something related to the feeling of community and of freedom that motorhomes impart onto their owners.

motorhome for saleMany seasoned motorhome drivers say that they feel more free, more alive when they are taking their vehicle to a new place, or to a familiar hideaway. And these drivers don’t just go to secluded camping spots – though these locations are popular, especially for romantic get-a-ways. Instead, drivers report taking spur-of-the-moment trips to all sorts of new locations, from tourist traps and theme parks to new cities and even other countries. The call of adventure is strong with motorhome drivers, and because they have a modern vehicle with all the comforts of home, they are more able to listen to the call and strike out onto the open road.

This is a sensation that is shared with new motorhome owners as well. These drivers are excited to try out their new camping vehicle, and also to see what it’s like to get back to nature, while not abandoning a comfortable bed or hot meal. Because the modern conveniences can come with a motorhome owner, they are more likely to take their kids or significant other out on an extended vacation. This means that they get to make new memories that will last a life time, while also teaching kids the importance of disconnecting and getting to know nature – something that is very important in an increasingly connected and digital world.

So, from getting back to nature to tailgating at the game, motorhome owners are more adventurous and more well traveled than non-owners; it’s a fact. And because of this, motorhomers tend to have more full and fun lives, and have stronger, happier families.

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