Motorhome Safety Tips

Motorhomes are a great way to get out and into the great outdoors without having to leave the comforts of home behind. From taking a day trip down to the beach to taking a months-long trip cross-country, motorhomes are extremely popular and safe alternatives to traditional camping and travel methods. However, because modern motorhomes have so many conveniences packed into them, it is extremely important to remember some simple safety tips when traveling and storing them. Failure to maintain a safe motorhome could result in a loss of the motorhome itself, or even injury if someone is inside the vehicle when an accident happens.

The first thing to remember is to keep all burners and heaters in check, and to only use the stove, if your motorhome is equipped with one, while the vehicle is at rest and parked. Many motorhomes have safety devices built in so that the cooking appliances will not ignite while moving. Still, it’s very important to remember that butane heater and stove burners may sometimes turn on, which can lead to a noxious fumes or even a fire in the cabin. Similarly, it’s important to make sure that all burners and heaters have been turned off before everyone has left the motorhome to go on an outing. By leaving the burners on, you risk letting the vehicle catch on fire – which can quickly spread and consume the entire vehicle.

Make sure that all of your seasonal preparations are made in advance. Many travelers simply trust that their motorhome is ready for whatever nature throws at it. And while most homes can sustain mild variations in weather without intervention, it’s important to remember that a motorhome is a vehicle, and just like your car there are some preparations that should be made in advance of any inclement weather. From making sure that batteries are new and that antifreeze has been topped off, to ensuring that tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread on them for the terrain you will encounter, all preparations should be made in advance of a trip, rather than once the trip is underway.

Ensure that all appliances, utensils, and tools are properly secured and stowed during travel. Few people realize the damage that can be done by a simple utensil or tool that flies off of a table during traffic. Unfortunately, these items can be dangerous and may cause serious harm to your passengers if they are not properly secured and tied down. So make sure that all of the loose items in the cabin of your motorhome are tied down or are in a cabinet before setting off on the road.

Motorhomes can be extremely safe and fun vehicles for adventuring, and there are many places that they can take you. However, ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers is paramount to creating lasting memories with your family and friends so be sure to follow these tips when traveling.

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