More Universities Choosing Zero Emissions School Bus for Sale

School Bus

School Bus

On the University of Delaware campus, officials recently took advantage of a whole new type of school bus for sale. Within the next year, students will be able to board two zero-emission, sound-free buses on campus. This brings the total number of environmentally-conscious buses up to four, providing a great number of students with an Mother Earth approved travel option.

Known as fuel cell buses, these are created and purchased under a special program run through the university. More recharging stations will also be installed. The fuel cell program began in 2005, with the first bus arriving in 2007 and a second following in 2009. Since they are hydrogen-based, only steam from water emits from the tailpipes.

Other campuses utilizing this unique school bus for sale include Georgetown University and the University of Texas. Cities like Burbank, California and New Haven, CT have also come on board with their own fuel cell buses.

Why would a university specifically choose a zero-emission school bus for sale? There are a few reasons. First and foremost, universities are at their best when they produce top research and new ideas. Fuel cell buses are still so rare and new, the university environment is the perfect location to put a lot of miles on this form of transportation and learn more about what it’s capable of.  Colleges are also always home to the next generation of workers – it is a great opportunity to inspire and reach the next generation for environmental issues. These are the future engineers, conservationists and innovators – where else would you spark a great idea? Finally, universities can afford it. Okay, maybe not every school – but many receive funding and have portions of tuition earmarked for environmental programs that could easily include fuel cell buses. Eligible to receive funding that other organizations cannot, universities are an ideal host for fuel cell buses.

As more universities shop around for a school bus for sale, many will discover the long term economic and environmental advantages of a fuel cell bus. While not the cheapest in terms of upfront investment, and also still plenty to learn along the way, fuel cell buses are the future at many campuses.

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