Looking for a School Bus for Sale? Check the Brakes!

Whatever the reason for purchasing a school bus, it is important to look closely at the bus you are considering. Certain considerations are obvious issues to look for; is there any rust on the body, are windows intact and functional, do emergency and primary doors work properly, and does it run. Many people seeking a school bus for sale forget to checkout more essential aspects like the brakes.

Ideally, when examining a school bus for sale it is advisable to have a mechanic check out the brakes. The most common manufacturers of bus braking systems are Haldex (air braking system components), Smartbrake (engine specific air braking systems and secondary braking systems) and Performance Friction Corp (hydraulic disc braking systems). Any school bus for sale must possess a braking system that is capable of handling the vehicle’s weight; a system that has been engineered to handle the weight being carried over the axels to ensure definitive stopping when fully loaded and optimally limit the possibility of rolling.

Checking the air brakes on a school bus for sale can be done in a few simple steps. Check to see what the air brake pressure gauge is reading; if it reads 100 psi or greater refrain from starting the engine. Turn the ignition key to the “on“ position so that the gauge is active then release all of the brakes. Place foot on service brake and hold for about a minute making sure that air loss is no greater than 3 psi. Pump the service brake until the gauge reaches roughly 60 psi; be sure to check that the low pressure warning alarm engages. Pump the service break to about 40 psi to make sure that the spring brake or emergency system is functioning properly; if the system is working correctly the parking brake knob will release. At this time start the engine thereby checking if the brake system is locked into place (try pushing the parking brake knob in). Bring the air pressure to 120 psi and check to see if the air compressor governor cuts out. Make sure that the parking brake will hold then set it and put the bus into gear. If any of these steps cannot not be completed then the braking system on the school bus for sale need to be repaired or replaced. Hydraulic disc brakes on school buses for sale need to be inspected by someone qualified to do so.

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