Labor Day Bus Listings, New School Year, New Fleet of School Buses!

WOW! It is already Labor Day Weekend! Now you know what that means other than a three-day weekend for the working class right? You got it, time for the children to get back to school! A new milestone for the students and an entire new armada of school buses in stock we are certain here at will have what you need! So buckle-up and let’s get this new school year rolling with a fleet of school buses available!

Fleet of 2004 International 3800 Series School Buses

First off, let me tell you this… If you are looking for bulk school buses in great condition let’s not over look this fleet of 2004 International built school buses. What you are looking at in the image above is a rather large pool of busses and we have a couple of combinations here in both engines and transmissions. One such combination is a DT466E series engine coupled with an Allison automatic transmission. The other is a Navistar T444E which is a power stroke diesel motor 250 horse power 450 torque coupled with an Allison automatic transmission. Thats not all! This fleet only had 1 previous owner and has been regularly serviced and maintained. If you ask me it does not get any better than this! Not only are these vehicles ready to go you have up to 100 school busses to look and are in excellent used condition!

2006 International Flat Nose School Bus

Next, we have a 2006 International Flat-Nose School Bus here! This model is equipped with a automatic Allison transmission, Detroit 466 engine, and has 130,000 miles. As the name suggests this model has a flat face look with a capacity of 72 passengers.

Not only has it been inspected, there is no damage of any kind on its exterior so this beauty is in absolutely excellent condition both inside and out! Noticeable in the photo the clean interior really creates a new coach feeling. All seats are equipped with seat belts for added safety!


VARIETY is a characteristic we uphold because next up I present this 2005 International CE300 School Bus with only 164,351 miles. Whether you are looking for a school bus or to transport a team not necessarily just students this models yells convenience. Not only is it clean and ready to go all seats have seat belts for added safety.


That’s not all! This model has the much sought for wheel chair lift! That’s right, this diesel fueled beauty not only has wheel chair accessibility but can transport up to three wheel chair positions. Take a look for yourself and notice that this bus may be exactly what you have been looking for in your next your purchase!


Last but not least is a 2006 Ford E-450 Short School Bus! Were you perhaps looking for a smaller bus? Well look no further as this bus not only fits into the smaller category, this 6.0 liter engine has a total of 110,000 coach miles. It seats a maximum capacity of 24 children or 21 passengers and 1 wheel chair position. Yes you read correctly! This magic little school bus is equipped with a wheel chair elevator which is in high demand and has opportunity written all over it!

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