Who Knew RV Owners Would Be Able to Use Their Purchase to Make Some Extra Holiday Cash?

The secret is out and growing that everyone from RV owners to those that convert buses into mobile homes on wheels traveling the country can make money on the road.

As many Americans become empty nesters, a peripatetic sense overtakes many of them and they long to see the country, often for the first time, via a home on wheels. Even many younger families are seeing the benefit of the open road as a major education and vacation opportunity for their families. While some choose an RV, still others seek out a school bus for sale or even a used MCI bus that they can convert to living standards.

However, when you are living on a budget on the open road, it means picking up short-term jobs or seasonal work. For the last decade or more, many RV owners and those with some type of mobile home have known of opportunities nationwide to earn seasonal cash that helps make their road life possible.

A number of the country’s massive online retailers have been recruiting what are affectionately called the “Camperforce” to meet the increasing seasonal demands for workers at their shipping hubs. Amazon in particular has been nurturing this temporary open road workforce of RV owners at their warehouses in Kentucky, Kansas and Nevada to pack, sort, and collect packages during November and December.

Everyone with a longing for life on the open road from empty nesters and retirees to younger families with young children take advantage of this symbiotic relationship. Many stay in campgrounds close to these centers during peak holiday time to earn cash as a temporary workforce for the giant online retailers. As an added incentive, Amazon even pays camping fees for the seasonal workers who start arriving in early fall in many of these campgrounds. The campgrounds see a boon with rental fees at a time of year when they would likely be empty.

Although conventional RV’s are one way to enjoy a life on the road, many people looking for a more customized home on wheels seek out quality buses for sale and convert it to their own specifications for living on the road. Our own Bargain Bus Newsletter has detailed the many ways that hundreds of thousands of people across the country and the world have taken the many types of used buses for sale including the ubiquitous used school bus for sale and converting them to their own specifications for life on the road.

According to ComScore and other retail spending data aggregators, there was a major spike in online spending this holiday season that brought an increase of nine percent over the previous year for an increase total of $37.8 billion between November and December 15. Since this trend is likely to continue, it means that online retailers like Amazon will likely take even greater advantage of this resource in the years to come.

Still, there are other seasonal opportunities for those with a longing for adventure that choose a life on the road in order to see this vast country’s endless wonders. There is even a website for the home-on-wheels workforce to learn about the many seasonal jobs across the country known as Workers On Wheels. The website provides insights and opportunities for RV owners and campers that either spend a large percentage of their time on the road or live on the road year round to find employment both seasonal and temporary.

According to the website’s founder, who is among the lovers of life on the open road, there are more jobs for RV owners and work campers than there are RV owners and campers willing to work. The website also details ways that these adventurous souls can run a business on the road from their RV.

Another major way for those that make the open road their home is temporary work in one of the country’s many national parks, monuments and historic sites. While it is primarily seasonal work where the park bulks up its staff for peak times of year, the $1 billion dollar industry surrounding the National Park Service requires thousands of seasonal employees for a variety of positions that require little or no training.

Open roaders can find jobs that range from manning gates and concessions to history talks and shuttling workers to and from different locations. In addition to a salary, these jobs often provide reduced or even free accommodations at nearby RV parks or camping sites.

Park concessioners and private contractors operating park services such as restaurants and lodging, river rafting, and bus tours are also on the lookout for seasonal workers. While the companies hire six months in advance, open roaders can apply for more than one year at a time, which benefits the year-round traveler as well as the park or concessioner. RV owners and full time open roaders can find listings on the National Park Service website as well as www.workamper.com.

Living on the road via a camper, RV or in a modified or conversion made from a school bus for sale is more than a possibility for thousands of people of all ages, some with families and some without. The key is planning and research in order to provide both the course and the coinciding opportunities to make money in seasonal work around the country that keeps the lifestyle vibrant and funded.

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