Keeping Kids Busy on Long Bus Trips with the Best Bus Games

There are few things that can test skills of adults like chaperoning a bus full of children on a field trip. Time it seems is a relative thing. A short trip of 30 minutes for an adult can be an eternity for elementary school students who will get fidgety less than 5 minutes into the ride. Unengaged by the time the school bus arrives 30 minutes later absolute mayhem may rule the day and calming the kids down so they can get the most out of the destination is hard.

The alternative to anarchy is keeping them engaged and occupied on the trip. But the question is how to keep a bunch of rambunctious kids adequately occupied and under control without compromising their safety, well-being and exuberance. The answer is play games! Bus games keep kid’s minds busy while keep them in their seats.


This is a timeless classic that chaperones, teachers and kids can all participate in. The game starts with one participant picks something they see either on the bus or outside and recites the starting phrase, “I spy something white that carries things.” The idea is for the clue to be vague enough that players can not instantly guess what they talking about.

The player in this case may be referring to a plastic shopping bag on the seat next to his or a truck that passed the bus or even a plane in the sky. In order for the game to be fair the player who has done the spying should tell another player what they saw so that the spy won’t be able to change the item when someone guesses it. Whichever player successfully guesses the item becomes the next spy.


This game can be played by individuals or as teams of seatmates. The game can be based on knowledge about your destination or a topic of common knowledge for all the children such as pop music or sports or school. For example a trip to the zoo can include questions such as who can name 5 animals with stripes that you hope to see when you arrive.

Verbal Charades

Unlike regular charades where players act out their clues in verbal charades the kids provide verbal clues to describe something. In order to facilitate the game an adult writes down words or phrases on pieces of paper before the trip begins and puts them in a paper bag. Players than pick a piece of paper from the bag and the game begins.

Punch Buggy or Punch Plate

The traditional version of this road trip game involves spotting Volkswagen Beetles and calling out their color by saying punch buggy blue or punch buggy white. Any brand or model of car can be substituted. An alternative version uses license plates where players try and identify license plates from different states and call out what they see by saying punch plate Alabama or punch plate Pennsylvania.

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