Interesting Destinations for Your Motor Home Trip – Part 4

If you’ve been look for a Prevost for sale and thinking about an amazing bus trip, consider a tour of New England during its peak fall foliage season.

When we’re talking about New England, we mean the following states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Each state will surprise you and delight you with its fall colors.

So you found your Prevost for sale, and now you’re trying to decide when and where to go. As far as the “where,” just about any destination within the above named states would provide a spectacular fall display, but a lot of people like to just drive straight down Interstate 95, which runs along the east coast, and make little detours inland.

The key to a fun fall foliage trip is to know when foliage is at its peak in the various regions of New England. There are plenty of guides online that will tell you when each region is expected to be at peak color.

If you’ve never seen these amazing reds, yellows and oranges in person, do like so many others: find a quality Prevost for sale and start planning your tour. Here are some general timelines for peak foliage in New England:

In northern Maine, the leaves on trees begin turning in early September with peak color coming a few weeks later. In parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, peak foliage is often seen during the first week of October.

Southern New Hampshire and Vermont and parts of northern Massachusetts enjoy peak colors around mid-October and sometimes later. Late October is usually the optimal time to see peak foliage in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

As you can see from this general guideline, peak color starts earliest the farther north you are and then travels gradually down through the New England states.

If you’ve purchased a Prevost for sale and plan to take a tour like this, ideally get up to northern Maine in early September. That way you can spend a lovely month and a half or so, driving through New England in some of the most beautiful color you’ll ever see anywhere in the world.

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