How to Get Your Band Touring With a Tour Bus for Sale

Being in a band is great fun, but it’s also a business. Eventually, you are going to want to expand your fan base, basically your business, by going on tour. Touring can be complicated, but a tour bus for sale is a great place to start.

Before you can consider going on tour, you’ll have to make sure you have enough original material to perform. A good rule is to have at least one album’s worth of songs to perform at your shows. The average show is going to last between 45 minutes and an hour plus encores, so having enough music must be a priority.

Personal Responsibility

Each member of the band should spend a few months saving money so that when you do go on tour everyone will be able to pay for his or her own food. You’ll also need money to cover travel expenses like fuel and maintenance for your tour bus. It’s probably a good idea to figure out how much money you will need, and then save even more to cover unexpected expenses.

Prevost-3Planning Your Tour

You’ll need to decide in what cities and towns you want to play, and map the most efficient routes to each destination, including home. A great way to do this is to plan your tour in a circle so that you start and end at home and are never backtracking. By always moving forward around your circle, your band will be able to cover more ground, play more shows, and save money on expenses.

Once you have your tour map drawn up, it’s time to find places to play. One way to do this is to contact local bands in the areas you want to play and ask for advice about what venues you should contact. Local promoters can also help with bookings, so be sure to have plenty of demos ready to send so that they’ll know just how awesome your band is.

The Legal Stuff

Write up your own contracts and have them ready for clubs and promoters to sign. This will make look professional, and get you the respect you deserve. You can have lawyer do it, or you can do it yourself using online templates, resources, and a healthy dose of common sense. Keep you contracts reasonable, and leave out the demands for only green M&Ms until you’re famous.


Everyone has been to shows where they’ve heard a new band and loved them. The first thing you look for after the show is the band’s CD. Your band is no exception, which means you should have plenty of CDs ready for sale. Enterprising bands also sell tee shirts with original art, or the bands logo as well as posters and other items.

Promote, Promote, Promote

All successful tours need promotion. It’s best to arrange this before you hit the road. Make sure you have plenty of flyers and poster sprinted in advance so they are ready to go up around town as soon as you arrive. Also, contact local radio stations and ask about interviews or giving away copies of your CD.

Most importantly, have fun traveling around in your tour bus for sale while growing your fan base and selling your CDs. For more information about tour buses visit or call 877-277-7253.


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