Double Decker Bus Routes Picking Up in the US

There was a time when double decker buses were a signature of London; now they feature in many of the most interesting tourist destinations across the United States. Double decker buses can be found in Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, and Chicago as well as countless other cities. These cities invested in double decker buses for sale to increase the availability of tourist transportation on daily bus routes, for specialized tours, and for private mobile party spots.

Double decker buses are the ultimate in bus efficiency. Double decker buses can carry an average of 90 passengers versus the average of 40 people in a standard bus. Double decker buses, normally run on diesel, have the option to be powered by natural gas or ethanol saving on fuel costs and leaving a smaller impact on the environment. The most interesting aspect of buying a base model double decker bus for sale is that purchase prices are comparable to those of standard buses. The question would be, why settle for less when you can have so much more?

The advantages of double decker buses for sale are the reasons why the U.S. is seeing a tremendous uptick in double decker buses being purchase by transit authorities as well as private investors. Double decker route in major cities on heavily traveled routes are benefiting from increase passenger loads. The availability of more seating has enticed people to use public transportation more and their personal vehicles less saving on carbon emissions in densely populated areas.

Whatever your transportation needs, a double decker bus for sale is bound to satisfy them. Groups and organizations of all sorts will find favorable aspects for purchasing a double decker bus for sale.

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  1. busguyuk says:

    It’s commonsense to buy double deckers for some heavily used routes as customers do not want to pay a fare to stand up! They tried to go away from using them in London UK and had to back down. Now buying them again.
    The only historic issues affecting their mass introduction in the US are low bridges, and a misguided attitude in some quarters that they will roll over. The tilt test of every new double deck vehicle before it enters service is mandatory. Some 28% of tilt having to be achieved to pass.

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