Up Close: 1974 GMC 4108A Bus Conversion – Bringing You Outstanding Buses #1

Bringing You Outstanding Buses #1
This will be our first installment of B.Y.O.B, what we hope will become a recurring feature here on Bargain Bus News. We’re going to take a closer, in-depth look at some interesting buses for sale on the Busesforsale.com website. Most of these buses are located here at the Busesforsale.com dealership in Pedricktown, NJ, and of course you can come by and see those for yourself at anytime, but it’s a big world out there and we thought we might be able to save some of you the very long trip it’d take to get the experience of a personal visit with these particular buses.

Vintage 1974 GMC 4108A Motor Home Conversion by Legendary Custom Coach of Columbus, OH

I can’t fully explain why, maybe it’s because of the era that i grew up in, maybe its just my personal taste, but no bus looks more like the picture my brain conjures when you say “bus” than the sleek curves and contours of a mid-70’s AMC motor coach shell. This gorgeous, cherry, vintage, 1974 converted motor coach is the crown jewel of our fleet in my opinion. The original conversion was designed and built, from a brand new GMC shell by the legendary conversion specialists at Custom Coach Conversion, and is an actual, real deal, honest to goodness, one-of-a-kind original. A must have mobile home for any real collector of 1970’s era classics or memorabilia, it has ONLY 40,500 ORIGINAL MILES. Originally sold for $184,000 in 1974 (that’s just under $1,000,000 inflation adjusted) This bus can be yours for a fraction of the original cost *See Listing*

Interior tour of the coach conversion

We start off our tour of the interior with a trip up the stairs to take a look at the drivers area and a nice long gaze at that odometer. At present, just over 40,000 miles. As we turn to take in the rest of the bus we’re immediately struck by the trademark open layout and earthy tones of luxury 1970’s design style. With all the space this convinces the eye of, you’d swear the bus is bigger inside than out. The dining and sitting areas in the front will easily and comfortably accommodate 6 adults. Notice that the table has a raised, padded lip and recessed drink holders. Just like everything else in the coach, this table was designed for living on the move. The drawers and cabinets all latch closed so your things stay where you put them.

The kitchen area features a dual-burner stove, a microwave and a large, deep sink all with smartly designed removable, camouflaged covers to provide the kind of counter top prep space a chef on the move needs to prepare his or her meals. A refrigerator / freezer sits across from this sink tucked underneath the house heating and air conditioning unit. The boys at Custom Coach must have been thinking about the coldest North Dakota nights and the hottest Arizona days when they put in climate control because this thing gets the job done. We continue past the restroom and shower for now to the rear sleeping area. Again you’ll see that the design is to maximize living space and comfort during waking hours and then do the same for sleeping hours by making just a few, easy changes. Each of the side benches has a pull down bunk compartment above it to provide a total of 6 fully individual beds. Getting back to the restroom, the lighting in the video was less than ideal so lets take a look at a few pictures.

As you can see, the fixtures, sink top, shower, and cabinetry are all beautiful, aesthetically, but what you can’t see in the pictures is the excellence of the craftsmanship. Absolutely everything about this coach was designed to be the pinnacle of luxury and quality at the time of its manufacture but no where does that show through quite like the restroom.

“Under the Hood” of our GMC 4108A

The 9.3L, 8 cylinder, 8V-71 Detroit Diesel engine is rated at 318HP. The 71 series engine is reliable and battle tested, literally, the 71 was in use widely by allied vehicles in WWII. It has been used extensively in both highway and marine vehicles from 1938 until its eventual replacement on the market in 1995. The transmission is a 4 speed manual Allison. These engines frequently stay running for well over a million miles and at just over 40k this one has barely scratched the surface of its service life. Maintenance and repair parts both new and old are readily available and will continue to be into the foreseeable future.

Exterior 1974 GMC 4108A

I honestly can’t say I’ve ever thought of maroon and powder blue as matching colors but when they’re put together on this bus it looks snazzy. The lightning bolt styled stripes, cream cabin canopy, matching maroon hubs, and all of that glorious chrome are a unique blend that make this a bus you’ll be proud to drive. This is a one of a kind and if you love real vintage 1970’s as much as i do, you’ll fall in love with it too.

This 1974 GMC 4108A Motor Home Conversion is available to look at or test drive by appointment at our Pedricktown, NJ location.

Call 1-877-287-7253

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