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How to Use Sustainability to Improve a Shuttle Bus Company

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Shuttle businesses provide useful transportation for customers to regional or hub airports, while other vehicles provide rides to customers on personal business. The savvy shuttle bus company owner does his or her homework before starting a business. He or she also analyzes the market and possible routes, and identifies opportunities. An aspect that plays into all of these efforts is sustainability. By building sustainability into the shuttle service, companies can affect route and distance opportunities, marketing outreach, and most importantly, cost and income variables.

Whether you have one or 100 shuttle buses, keeping costs down is about more than a well run bus. When you factor in fuel costs and maintenance, many shuttle bus companies see the need to be creative with their buses, which is one area where sustainability comes in. Some companies can take advantage of sustainable practices with the first shuttle bus for sale that they purchase while others will augment their current fleet with buses that incorporate or can incorporate sustainability.



For instance, most diesel vehicles don’t need any retrofitting to use a five percent concentration of biodiesel fuel. It can be cost effective in the long run to modify the bus to use higher concentrations, such as 20 percent or 100 percent (B20 and B100). Biodiesel adds the extra lubrication that is lacking in diesel fuel to keep the engine running well because all diesel engines operate at extremely high pressures and require good lubricity in the fuel to prevent wear. This can maximize engine life while reducing maintenance costs and fuel costs overall.

Today, many cab companies and shuttle services are setting themselves apart by marketing their services as “clean fuel transport.” While Hybrid shuttle buses may be out of the question financially speaking, for someone seeking a shuttle bus for sale, biofuel modification is a viable alternative. Properly marketed, this environmentally friendly approach can attract customers while also potentially increasing the distance or number of shuttle trips that can improve your bottom line. This can allow a growing shuttle bus business to provide an economical service while saving money.

How to Start a Shuttle Bus Rental Company

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The most successful businesses are the ones that find out what customers need and provide them with the goods or services they are looking for at a fair price. The shuttle bus rental business comes in two basic types commuter and non-commuter. The great thing about owning a shuttle bus and starting a business is that you can do both kinds of service with the same bus.

A Commuter shuttle bus service is one that makes regular runs to and from the same drop-off and pick-up locations at specific times of day each day of the work week. This type of service is vital for people who either don’t own a car or would rather not drive and live too far from public transportation or work in locations that are not served by public transit.

Commuter shuttle bus services can either sell weekly passes or individual trips on a first come first serve basis. A single shuttle bus may serve more than one company’s employees in an industrial or office park. A shuttle bus company can also be used to make shorter runs of a couple of miles between a mass transit hub and a suburban or rural office or industrial park.

Another type of shuttle bus service is one that makes dedicated or appointment based runs to locations such as bus terminals, airports and shopping malls. These services can be door to door from customer’s homes, this is common for developments and large apartment buildings to shopping centers at appointed times of day.

Specialty shuttle bus services may also contract with small hotels and motels which do not have enough business on their own to support a shuttle bus and driver. A single independent shuttle bus operator may therefore choose to service several hotels clustered around an airport for example.

In order to start a shuttle bus rental company you will have to have formed a business organization such as a corporation, partnership or even a sole proprietorship. Most lawyers and many certified public accountants can help with forming a proper business entity.

Once your business is formed you can begin the process of applying for the appropriate licenses necessary to legally operate your business in your state and municipality. Once your licenses and permits are completely in order it is time to start to find customers for your new business.

Contacting small independent hotels and motels near area airports is a great way to start. An effective sales pitch may be explaining that your service will make the small independent hotel competitive with large chain hotels. As part of a airport service business you can also contact parking facilities that provide reduced rate airport parking for travelers. Your new shuttle service could pick-up and drop off customers for the remote parking lots.

Regardless of what type of clients you chose to go after having a properly inspected and perfectly operating shuttle bus is vital to building a reputation as a reliable service operator.

Finding a shuttle bus for sale can be the first step to being in business for yourself and financial independence. For more information about finding a tour bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

Trick out a shuttle bus for sale for security too!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The President of the United States travels securely and in style. Most people do not know just how secure the President Obama’s presidential limousine actually is? For obvious security reason much about the presidential limousine and its accompanying vehicles may never be known but a great deal is. While you may not want to trick out a shuttle bus for salewith the same security as is available to the president you can try.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus

Shortly after President Obama’s second inauguration some details about the presidential limo were made available to a press corp and public hungry for more information about this incredible vehicle. The limo, which is no ordinary shuttle bus for sale, is known unofficially as “The Beast”. Like any beast this one has an almost insatiable appetite for fuel and gets about 8 miles per gallon.

The doors are eight inches thick and made from a combination of titanium, steel, aluminum and ceramics. Its armor is so thick that not even sound from the outside gets into the driver’s compartment or the passenger cabin. To overcome this disconnect from the outside world the limo is equipped with microphones on the body so that the occupants can hear what is going on outside the belly of the beast.

The Beast features a night vision camera to provide a clear view of risks lurking in the shadows. In the event of fire the presidential limo has an on board firefighting system. Just like the family car or a shuttle bus for sale President Obama’s limo has run flat tires and steel wheels which means you won’t see the President on the side of the road changing a flat tire any time soon.

The limo is equipped to be a safe sanctuary from more than just bullets and explosives it also has a lock down mechanism that renders the interior completely safe from the threat of biological or chemical attacks. The President may not be James Bond but his car has a Bond-inspired camera that allows the driver to see through fog and smoke.

The James Bond features of the Beast also include infrared smoke grenades which can surround the vehicle in a fog that makes targeting rockets, rocket propelled grenades and other weapons difficult at best. This super limo would not be complete without a state of the art encrypted communication system to communicate with the other 45 vehicles in a typical presidential motorcade and the outside world.

In the unlikely event all the defensive systems fail and the President is injured in an attack inside or outside the car the limo carries an unreported quantity of the President’s blood in case an emergency transfusion is required.

You may not want to trick out your own shuttle bus for sale like the Beast but you can certainly add state of the art audio, video, mood lighting, wet bars and more. For more information about how to find a shuttle bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


When enough students warrant a new bus route, look for a shuttle bus for sale!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

When the population in neighborhoods within a school district expands, district administrators are faced with the challenge of providing reliable transportation to a growing number of students. In many cases, it’s wise from an economical standpoint to find a quality used shuttle bus for sale.

Managing the logistics of student transportation can be a complex job for many school districts, particularly when they have to re-design bus routes as the area population grows. Sometimes the shift will be fairly simple, such as carving out smaller bus routes within larger established routes.

When this is the case, finding a good used shuttle bus for sale will often meet the needs of the new route. Shuttle buses, or “mini buses,” are smaller than standard full sized school buses. They have a smaller seating capacity – usually between 12 and 25 – and are far more economical to operate.

If a district needs to open a route for just this number of students, providing them transportation with a shuttle bus is a smart move. Most school districts these days are operating on tight budgets, and they’re constantly looking for ways to trim their spending. A smaller bus is one way to do it.

Buses for Sale handles a large number of excellent re-conditioned mini buses that will perfectly fit the needs of any school district that’s adding a small route to its student transportation services.

Our shuttle buses are made by top manufacturers including Ford, Chevrolet and International. If you would like to shop for buses on our website, we have a handy search tool that will let you narrow your search based on year, make, body style, seating capacity, price, handicap accessibility and more.

Of course, the best way to really shop for a shuttle bus for sale is to visit our lot at 1501 Baltimore Pike in beautiful Springfield, Pa. Here, one of our associates can answer your questions and show you the specific types of buses that would be perfect additions to your fleet.

If you’re a school district administrator faced with expanding bus transportation routes and wanting to add to your fleet an economical shuttle bus, we’ve got what you’re looking for. You can stop by and see us, call us at (877) 287-7253, or contact us by e-mail. We’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Why Many Health Providers Purchase a Shuttle Bus for Sale

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Health providers including university medical centers, private hospitals, clinics and specialist offices often buy a shuttle bus for sale in order to provide transportation for their patients between local medical facilities and often to and from their homes.

Buses for Sale carries a large selection of mini buses and shuttle buses that are perfect for this use. Some models are handicapped accessible, making it easy for patients in wheelchairs or who have any of a number of disabilities to board and disembark.

An example of a shuttle bus for sale that is ideal for healthcare outlets is the Chevy Startrans Wheelchair Bus. We have a 2003 model on the lot right now that’s been maintained well and looks very sharp. It can carry 14 passengers and has a single wheelchair lift.

Patients who have had procedures or tests at, say, a university hospital and need to be transferred to another facility for follow-up work enjoy the comfort of a shuttle bus more than they would a cramped private vehicle. For patients who have no car or are not in a condition to drive, shuttle buses are especially appreciated.

Another excellent shuttle bus that is ideal for patient transport is the Ford E350 Wheelchair Bus that runs on a V8 engine with an automatic transmission and has room for up to 12 passengers. This bus has two wheelchair lifts.

The Ford E450 Starcraft Bus doesn’t have a wheelchair lift, but it’s another example of a versatile, economical shuttle bus for sale that’s perfect for transporting up to 14 people. This model features a 6-liter diesel engine and an automatic transmission.

When health providers shop with us for a shuttle bus for sale, our staff make sure to understand the needs of the facility and then direct buyers to the buses among our huge selection that would be best for them.

Many medical facilities offer transport for non-patients as well. But regardless of the passenger type, shuttle buses are able to meet the needs of most health organizations with safe, dependable transportation.

If you’re looking for a shuttle bus for sale for your medical facility, Buses for Sale probably has the perfect bus for you right here on the lot. You can visit us at 1501 Baltimore Pike in Springfield, Pa., or you can call ahead or check our website to discover what’s currently available. Call (877) 287-7253. You can also contact us any time online.