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SEPTA program provides students free weekday access to the transportation system

Friday, October 11th, 2013

School-aged children in large cities often take public transportation to get to and from school. And for children who live further away from their schools, this can often mean taking up to 4 different modes of transportation in a single day. While this may not seem like the sort of problem that a city would need to address, having hundreds or in some cases thousands of extra passengers each day can pose real logistical problems for even advanced transportation systems such as Philadelphia’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA. To help alleviate the additional traffic that school children generate, and to make it easier and more cost effective for these students to reach their schools safely and on time, SEPTA has introduced a trial program that allows students to use weekly passes that are given to them by their school, which means that the students have free access to the transportation system during weekdays.

The recent trial program by SEPTA however points to another problem facing public school systems. In the past, a simple fleet of school buses would be able to pick up and deliver school children with relatively high levels of efficiency. However, in a complicated urban environment where schools may close halfway through a student’s career, and where intracity traffic and congestion are real problems, the school bus fleet has in many cases become a thing of the past. With education budgets being slashed nearly daily by local and federal governments, and with congestion charges rising sharply in an attempt to curb rising city pollution levels, school buses have become outdated. Requiring nearly constant maintenance, and being prone to mechanical failure, these aging school buses have been replaced by modern public transportation networks where the network’s operational costs are spread over all of its customers, thereby relieving school systems of a primary financial burden and, also, introducing students to the practicality and convenience of public transport systems.

Top Uses for a 15 Seat Passenger Van

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous play by Sir Thomas More A Man For All Seasons, which is about a man’s struggle with his conscience. There is another story about a man who grew tired of hearing his children complain that they didn’t have enough room and his wife’s concern that her parents were getting too old to drive themselves to family functions, let alone join them on vacation.

Our story is not as much about the man, but how he managed to solve many of the problems in is life with a van for all seasons – a 15 seat passenger van to be specific. Our man, we’ll call him Ted, tried minivans, station wagons, and SUVs, but nothing quite fit the needs of his family of 5 children, a dog, and occasionally friends of the kids, both his parents, and his in-laws.

Ted became a man obse15_passenger_van_rental_15_passenger_vanssed with the complicated logistics of coordinating multi-vehicle caravans to visit his brother in a neighboring state or bringing the family and friends to his alma-mater’s homecoming game. Ted’s life became a tangle of phone calls to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs. He was spending more time and effort planning elaborate schemes for making sure members of his caravans didn’t get separated than he did enjoying time with family and friends until Ted purchased a used 15 seat passenger van!

Suddenly Ted’s life got easier and the complaints and concerns of his family melted into distant memories. With plenty of room for everyone – children, parents, in-laws, friends, even the dog – Ted was able to enjoy spending time with his family. Travel was transformed from a hassle to heaven all thanks to that 15 seat passenger van.

Trips to the water park, the beach, and the mountains that used to take hours of time to organize became simple. No long did he have to negotiate with the kids about who could take a friend this time. Now they could all take a friend, every time. Hitting the open road was now as easy as opening the door and letting everyone climb on board. Ted was a happy man.

Ted loves his van so much he now loves to car pool to work and business functions. Ted is first in line to volunteer to take his son’s baseball team to away games and his daughter’s Girl Scout troop to camping trips.

Ted’s wife, Cindy, loves taking her girlfriends on shopping excursions because there’s more than enough room for all of them to travel together with plenty of room to carry home all of their purchases, too. Ted wonders how he ever managed without his van for all seasons before.

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Sustainability in Florida with a School Bus for Sale

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The buzz word for school districts, municipalities, businesses and organizations throughout Florida is sustainability. Going green and reducing and reusing includes steps like purchasing a pre-owned school bus for sale. Another is Natural gas. Natural gas is a clean, plentiful, environmentally friendly lower cost and domestically produced source of fuel for motor vehicles.

The first question people have when they hear natural gas as fuel for vehicles they ask is it safe? Handled properly, natural gas is safe and many of us use it everyday for cooking and heating without incident. Natural gas also generates a large portion of our electricity.

Natural gas is a natural fuel and requires almost no processing before it is used. Mostly methane natural gas which could be used in a school bus for sale has a high octane rating of between 120-130 and is clean burning and extremely efficient with very low emissions. Natural gas for vehicles makes sense when you compare it to regular gas or diesel. It is not toxic and ground and water contamination is virtually impossible.

Natural gas as fuel for a school bus for sale makes good economic sense as well with gas around $4. per gallon many businesses, municipalities and school districts are considering the switch to this clean alternative.

Natural gas fueling stations are popping up with increasing regularity throughout the country and Florida is no exception. Priced at about the equivalent of $2.19 per gallon gasoline and this is helping to drive sales.

With more and more organizations looking into the feasibility of switching to natural gas the availability of fueling stations should continue to increase making the conversion even more viable as time goes on. Filling a vehicle such as a school bus for sale with natural gas is almost the same as filling it with gas or diesel. The only difference is the way the fill hose attaches to the vehicle.

Another concern for some people when it comes to natural gas powered vehicles is the danger of explosion. According to experts natural gas dissipates much faster than gasoline because it is lighter than air and requires a higher temperature to ignite than gasoline making it safer in the event of an accident.

A school bus for sale along with greater use of natural gas may be the solution your school district, business or organization is looking for to improve sustainability. For more information about how to buy a school bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

Interesting Destinations for Your Motor Home Trip – Part 5

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The time may be right to buy that Prevost for sale and pack it up and head for the hills of Missouri. Nestled snugly in the heart of Ozark Mountains of southwestern Missouri is the once sleepy town of Branson. I say once sleepy because it has grown to become the entertainment and vacation capital of the Midwest attracting visitors not only from around the country but from around the world with world class entertainment and amusements.

Traveling to Branson by car or in an RV is the most popular way to get there so you and your Prevost for sale will feel right at home among the many RV resorts in and around town. With over 2 dozen RV resorts and campgrounds Branson is a paradise for folks that love to stay mobile. Branson’s RV motto is “Hook-Up and Un-Plug”.

Branson may be the ultimate family and extended family destination because it offers something for everyone, from the youngest kids to grandma and grandpa everyone will have plenty to see and do that is just right for them.

Indoors and outdoors, morning, noon and night there is always something to do in Branson. The beautiful countryside in and around town sports 10 golf courses which means an avid golfer can spend a week a play a different course everyday, for a golfer that’s paradise.

Other great outdoor activities include: fishing, boating, hiking, biking, horseback riding, extreme adventures and more. Dad can spend his morning on the golf course while the kids enjoy a bike ride and the whole family can spend the afternoon boating and fishing on Bull Shoals Lake which is 80 miles long and full of great fishing experiences.

Family fun in Branson includes 3 theme parks including a water park where everyone can cool off after golf or hiking or shopping. All three of Branson’s theme parks are family friendly and feature rides and attractions suitable to every age and thrill level.

Traveling to Branson in your Prevost for sale without the kids leaves plenty of time to enjoy some of the attractions that are for adults only such as the areas numerous wineries, distilleries and breweries. Unique to the Branson area is the Copper Run Distillery which makes traditional moonshine which ages into a fine tasting bourbon.

Shopping in Branson is world class too. With shops ranging from collectibles to furniture and jewelry, take your time and visit them all. The greater Branson area shopping opportunities run the gamut from artisan shops to huge outlet centers with deals galore for gift buyers and bargain hunters alike. Every taste imaginable is available here. You can head home with items as different as African art to handmade quilts.

Visiting Branson in your just purchased Prevost for sale makes for an all the more perfect vacation experience and one you will likely want to make and annual event year after year. For more information about how to get your own Prevost for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

Convert a Shuttle Bus For Sale in Ohio

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

You’ve seen them on the road and maybe even taken one as a commuter or from the airport to your hotel, they are the shuttle buses. We’ve all seen ads for a shuttle bus for sale and not given it a second thought. A shuttle bus might be the ride you family, business or organization has been searching for all along.

Large families are becoming normal again and what better way to transport your own kids, their friends and families all together to than a converted shuttle bus. With plenty of room to spare a converted shuttle bus for sale is ideal for getting your kids with all their sports equipment, school bags and assorted electronics from here to there in comfort and hassle free.

Multi-generation families find converted shuttle buses for sale to be a great way to include grandparents on family outings. Many shuttle buses come equipped with a wheelchair lift or are otherwise handicap accessible making them perfect for any family with a challenged member.

Youth athletic organizations have long endured the challenge of transporting travel teams to away games and matches. Youth organizers know what a headache it is to arrange carpools and the hassle of finding volunteers to load bags of dirty and often muddy sports gear into their family car or minivan.

More and more little leagues, soccer clubs, boy and girl scout troops and others are turning to the cost effective and hassle free option of their own shuttle bus for sale as a way to get everyone where they need to be on time and trouble free. Cheer schools and teams find converted shuttle buses the perfect way to keep spirit alive while heading to competitions.

Business owners of every description are making creative use of a shuttle bus as a way to improve their service and provide customers with a little something extra. Small resorts and hotels are finding that the purchase of a shuttle bus for sale is a great way to compete with large chains by providing transportation to and from airports and train and bus terminals.

Resort and hotel owners have also found that guests appreciate the availability of shuttle bus service to and from events and attractions such as concerts, ski areas, beaches and museums are a selling point for them. Some have seen large percentage increases in the number and length of stays of guests since the addition of shuttle bus service.

Limousine companies have long found the addition of a converted shuttle bus for sale as a party bus is one of the best additions they make to their fleet because they are ideal for larger groups that all want to travel together rather than in separate cars. The beauty of a party bus for many people is they don’t have to worry about, well partying or being separated from the rest of their group.
A converted shuttle bus for sale might be the right solution for your family, business, organization or school. For more information about how to buy a shuttle bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

Buy a Prevost Bus for Sale and Tour the West!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Anyone old enough to remember The Who gets a little bit happier at the thought of going mobile, “Well, I’m gonna find a home, and we’ll see how it feels, goin’ mobile”. Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of being an air conditioned gypsy. Seeing a sign for a converted Prevost bus for sale sends a tingle down my spine and starts me humming Going Mobile.

Taking to the open road is as American as apple pie. It’s what we do, what we’ve always done, it is at the core of the American experience. As a nation we started on one coast and kept going west until we got to the other side and then we promptly turned around and went back in the other direction.

Seeing a sign that says Prevost Bus for Sale reminds me that we from my earliest memory of family trips the site of a bus that had been converted to an RV inspired me to say someday I want to explore the great American west from the comfort of one of those. Like a modern day pioneer in a prairie schooner my Prevost Bus RV would transport me to lands unknown and sights unseen.

Touring the country west of the mighty Mississippi is an experience like no other imaginable. The scale of our country really comes into focus when we cross the big muddy. The gentle rise of the land from the river to the foothills of the Rockies is imperceptible as you cruise across the Great Plains. The gently undulating landscape rolls by the windows of your RV like endless tapestry woven of earth tones seeded with small towns and the occasional city.

Starting the westward journey from the heart of the country, the middle of the Midwest, Saint Louis Missouri on Interstate 70 is like trip to another world for easterners, the familiar woodlands, hills and mountains to open first to the flood plain of the Mississippi, broad and flat through field and farm the home turf of Frank and Jessie James is all around as you pass through living history.

Your first stop is Missouri’s fourth largest city, Independence. Independence stood as the starting block of the settlers westward migration. It was where those seeking fame, fortune and a better life found wagon trains headed out on the Oregon, Sante Fe and California Trails. Many of whom had already traveled a thousand miles or more already and were about to enter the hardest part of their trip, a journey many would never live to complete, began.

From Independence you continue west to the only major American City to be in two states, Kansas City. Famous for steak and barbeque, KC is also known as the city of fountains with more than 200 of every shape, size and description. If professional sports are your passion Kansas City boasts one of each NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS and MLB teams plus world class, tennis, indoor soccer, arena football and even a professional ruby team.

Leaving Kansas City your adventure just beginning you pause for a moment and realize it all started with a sign that said Prevost Bus For Sale. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

Converted Party Bus for Sale among Crowd Standouts

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Traveling across city and state highways, back roads and streets for hours a day doesn’t have to be a tiresome or bland experience for drivers or passengers. In fact, party bus for sale feature products can make traveling exciting and adventurous. It’s also possible to save money and enjoy a spacious ride with a bus that’s been converted into a party bus for sale.

Hitting the Road in Style in a Party Bus for Sale

For example, pre-owned limo buses at Bargain Bus News can make great party buses after a bus conversion. The process of converting a limo bus into a party bus for sale includes designing the bus’ layout and seat design. For example, companies and individuals who plan to transport 15 people in a party bus may have space to add custom bars and other special effects to their bus. The amount of cooler space on the party bus for sale can also be enlarged if transporters plan to limit the number of passenger space to 15 or fewer people.

That said, large buses, particularly wide buses, can be designed with several special effects and still hold as many as 40 to 45 passengers. Consider these special effects when checking out and test driving a pre-owned limo party bus for sale: lighting, cooler drainage and space, flooring and dining facilities. For example, it’s possible to get party buses that are equipped with custom bars. Some party bus for sale vehicles also come with electric fireplaces and waterfalls.

Although all party buses don’t offer the same entertainment, space and feature options, top converted buses generally offer basic features like lighting, custom seating and quality sound systems. A Bargain Bus News party bus for sale that has a custom design might also have a dance floor, digital sound system and satellite radio.

A party bus for sale offers custom-designed features that provide a similar experience as a decked out recreational vehicle (RV). Leather seats and wood floors are added to some of the pre-owned limo buses that have been converted into party buses. Cloth driver curtains allow passengers on the bus to enjoy privacy.

Party Bus for Sale Growing in Popularity

Growing in popularity, a party bus for sale gives transportation companies another way to fulfill their customers’ wants. The buses also give owners of transportation companies another option with which to grow their clientele, business and profits. Because many of the party buses are developed with automatic transmissions, drivers and passengers can enjoy a smooth ride.

Makes and models a party bus for sale is available in at Bargain Bus News vary. Some name brand makes and models include Freightliner, General Motors Futurliner, MCI, Krystal, Chevrolet and Mercedes. These buses offer more than comfort. They offer transportation companies the chance to rent space to corporations, organizations and groups that are having celebrations. Smaller party buses, like the converted Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus, seat as many as 12-people. They also have turbo diesel engines and L-style seating.

At Bargain Bus News, it’s possible to purchase a party bus for sale for as little as $33,000. Rent the party bus and the bus might pay for itself in a year. Financing, insurance and service support is also available for buyers to take advantage of.

Bus for Sale Companies Preparing Drivers for New Medical Exams

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Whether you’re just getting started in the transportation industry or are a seasoned pro who has been managing bus fleet services for several years, to remain viable, it’s important to stay abreast of industry changes. To stay current on industry changes, it can be beneficial to work with bus for sale firms like Bargain Bus News, firms that are up-to-date on key changes impacting your business.

Bus for Sale Company Provides Info about Medical Examination Changes

This way you can get more than great bus for sale deals on major bus makes and models. For example, quality bus for sale firms, like Bargain Bus News, are aware of changes to medical requirements for bus drivers. According to Mayo Clinic’s September 11, 2012 “Big Change Ahead for Truck, Bus Drivers: Mayo Expert Explains New Medical Exam Rule” article, people who have commercial driver’s licenses will be required to pass medical examinations that are performed by certified doctors. Specifically, Mayo Clinic reports that, “Under new federal requirements, the medical examinations will only count if they are performed by a health care provider specially trained and certified to do so.”

A primary intent of the change to the federal law is to prevent bus accidents that are caused by medical emergencies bus drivers experience. Dr. Cowl is noted in the article as saying, “Often, the medical evaluation is the only opportunity for preventive care that a driver will receive.”

Common causes of accidents involving bus drivers include chronic stress and strain on the eyes. High blood pressure, diabetes, apnea and obesity are other causes of medical emergencies experienced by bus drivers that can lead to accidents. By offering vehicles that are designed for comfort and structural support, bus for sale companies may be able to help decrease the amount of stress bus drivers experience.

Bus for Sale Companies and Driver Safety

For example, bus for sale companies can ensure their buses are equipped with high back seats that are ergonomically suitable for bus drivers, whether the drivers are short or tall. Lighting in buses can also be tested to ensure it keeps buses from being dim, which may help prevent some bus drivers, especially bus drivers who have been on the road for hours, from becoming groggy.

Furthermore, the option to buy vehicles from bus for sale companies that sell and service a variety of bus types can increase buyers’ chances of finding buses that offer the support and comfort they need. For example, bus drivers who are short in stature can visit top bus for sale companies, preview their offerings and select buses that are designed so they can look through side and rearview mirrors and wear adjustable seat belts comfortably, without the straps pulling up across their necks.

Other benefits experienced bus for sale companies offer individual bus drivers and transportation businesses, those owned by public and private organizations, include insurance and service support. Financing options offered at these companies can relieve transportation businesses and bus drivers of the stress of trying to figure out ways to pay for buses they want to own. In addition, experienced staff members at established bus for sale companies that have over 20 years of bus industry experience may know about options and features available to transportation firms and bus drivers that offer added protections that may help to keep bus drivers and passengers safer.

School Buses for Sale

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Before you buy a school bus, read the following information. You’ll save time, money, and make a confident decision about the school bus for sale you intend to procure before forking over your hard-earned cash. School bus parts and repairs can cost an arm and a leg, so take the time to seriously consider the bus before making your purchase. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid when checking out school buses for sale will help you buy the best bus for your money and prevent future repairs, as well as ensure the safety of your passengers.

Enquire as to why the bus is being sold, and look over all manuals, records, or history of service. If there are no records or “paper trail”, you should be cautious. If you’ve inspected repair records, paperwork, and service receipts and the school bus for sale appears to have nothing wrong with it, it’s then time for you to carefully inspect the bus for any problems.

Bus Tires: Bus tires cost more then you’d think they’d cost. Inspect the quality of the bus tires and check for grooves and cracks. You’ll also want to look at the tire axle to assess the state of wear and tear. If the school bus has been driven 100,000 miles or more and hasn’t gotten new tires, you’ll have to buy some. When buying new bus tires, invest in a reputable brand that has been inspected, tested, and rated for speed and load capacity. If the used school bus for sale has been resting or sitting unused for a while, dry rot may cause the tires to have a shorter life span. Good tires are one contributor to a safe and secure school bus. Ensure that the school bus for sale has tires that are in top shape.

The Bus Engine: The engine of a bus is a critical part of bus inspection. Carefully look over the engine compartment—do you see a clean engine or are there traces of dirt and grease? Take the time to estimate the years the bus has on it and the miles its been driven. A properly used bus for sale has approximately 10,000 miles on it for every year driven. Keep in mind that a “gently used” bus with less mileage on it isn’t always a good thing—if a bus has been sitting unused in a parking lot, you may find that its engine parts, seals, and hoses have dried out. That’ll mean you’ll have to replace them. The same is true for a school bus with a lot of mileage on it—parts do wear out over time.

If you can’t verify the condition of a part, then don’t buy the bus unless you’re willing to buy that new part or can replace any parts that seem damaged. This could mean anything from Air Conditioning, brakes, the engine, the transmission, steering, and the electrical system, body, tires, and fuses as well. Carefully going over all available documents and a thorough inspection of all school buses for sale will get you the best used school bus possible.

Visit to view our large inventory of buses to be sold that suit the needs of a wide variety of clients. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, give us a call and we will find a bus for sale or school buses for sale that’ll suit your needs.

Buying Limo Buses and Charter Tour Buses: Brand New Features and Amenities Make For Memorable Trips

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Limo buses are a great way to transport people on group outings as well as an overall classy way to travel. Whether you’re transporting individuals to a bachelorette party, bachelor party, concert, a corporate trip/event, or any other occasion, limo buses are the way to travel in style, comfort, and class. If you want to provide your passengers with the ultimate limo bus experience, check out all the new features and style options a limo bus can offer.

Limo buses are a great way to travel in that they’re luxurious, stylish, and feature many fantastic interior amenities such as larger windows with privacy shades, unique strobe lighting, and a large bar. An up to date limo bus comes with great sound equipment and video entertainment—flat screen TVs, iPod connector and speaker system, surround sound, and DVD players as well to make your trip an fun and unforgettable one.

A classy limo bus really makes a statement and can accommodate up to approximately 30 individuals. If you plan on purchasing a limo bus to take passengers to parties, wine tastings, casino excursions, weddings, and group events, it’s not necessary to purchase a limo bus with chrome wheels, a shiny black on black exterior, leather seating, sound system, speakers, LED lighting, a dancing pole, and laser light show capabilities, but you’ll certainly impress passengers and ensure they have a memorable night out on the town.

Charter Tour Buses are more conservative then limo tour buses, and a perfect means of daytime and longer distance travel. No matter if you’re taking charter bus passengers on a day trip or on an extended tour, they’re safe and can hold around 50 travelers.Charter tour bus are popular with church groups, day trips, or long distance trips, and can provide individuals a relaxed and pleasant trip atmosphere and allow them to avoid the hassles of driving, parking, and other travel-related issues. Charter tour buses are economical and luxurious enough for longer journeys and can comfortably transport individuals for long periods of time. Though charter tour buses do not have as nearly as amenities as a limo bus, charter tour buses do have televisions, bathrooms, DVD players, air conditioning, and a PA system.

Make your passengers’ parties, day trips, and excursions safe, hassle free and memorable with the amenities of a limo bus or the comfort of a charter tour bus. Learn more information about where you can purchase an affordable charter tour bus or limo bus and look forward to successful bus trips!

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Buses For Sale, a buyer and seller of limo buses and charter tour buses.If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, give us a call and we will find a bus for sale or charter tour bus that suits your needs. Visit Visit to view our large inventory of buses to be sold.