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Who Knew RV Owners Would Be Able to Use Their Purchase to Make Some Extra Holiday Cash?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

The secret is out and growing that everyone from RV owners to those that convert buses into mobile homes on wheels traveling the country can make money on the road.

As many Americans become empty nesters, a peripatetic sense overtakes many of them and they long to see the country, often for the first time, via a home on wheels. Even many younger families are seeing the benefit of the open road as a major education and vacation opportunity for their families. While some choose an RV, still others seek out a school bus for sale or even a used MCI bus that they can convert to living standards.

However, when you are living on a budget on the open road, it means picking up short-term jobs or seasonal work. For the last decade or more, many RV owners and those with some type of mobile home have known of opportunities nationwide to earn seasonal cash that helps make their road life possible.

A number of the country’s massive online retailers have been recruiting what are affectionately called the “Camperforce” to meet the increasing seasonal demands for workers at their shipping hubs. Amazon in particular has been nurturing this temporary open road workforce of RV owners at their warehouses in Kentucky, Kansas and Nevada to pack, sort, and collect packages during November and December.

Everyone with a longing for life on the open road from empty nesters and retirees to younger families with young children take advantage of this symbiotic relationship. Many stay in campgrounds close to these centers during peak holiday time to earn cash as a temporary workforce for the giant online retailers. As an added incentive, Amazon even pays camping fees for the seasonal workers who start arriving in early fall in many of these campgrounds. The campgrounds see a boon with rental fees at a time of year when they would likely be empty.

Although conventional RV’s are one way to enjoy a life on the road, many people looking for a more customized home on wheels seek out quality buses for sale and convert it to their own specifications for living on the road. Our own Bargain Bus Newsletter has detailed the many ways that hundreds of thousands of people across the country and the world have taken the many types of used buses for sale including the ubiquitous used school bus for sale and converting them to their own specifications for life on the road.

According to ComScore and other retail spending data aggregators, there was a major spike in online spending this holiday season that brought an increase of nine percent over the previous year for an increase total of $37.8 billion between November and December 15. Since this trend is likely to continue, it means that online retailers like Amazon will likely take even greater advantage of this resource in the years to come.

Still, there are other seasonal opportunities for those with a longing for adventure that choose a life on the road in order to see this vast country’s endless wonders. There is even a website for the home-on-wheels workforce to learn about the many seasonal jobs across the country known as Workers On Wheels. The website provides insights and opportunities for RV owners and campers that either spend a large percentage of their time on the road or live on the road year round to find employment both seasonal and temporary.

According to the website’s founder, who is among the lovers of life on the open road, there are more jobs for RV owners and work campers than there are RV owners and campers willing to work. The website also details ways that these adventurous souls can run a business on the road from their RV.

Another major way for those that make the open road their home is temporary work in one of the country’s many national parks, monuments and historic sites. While it is primarily seasonal work where the park bulks up its staff for peak times of year, the $1 billion dollar industry surrounding the National Park Service requires thousands of seasonal employees for a variety of positions that require little or no training.

Open roaders can find jobs that range from manning gates and concessions to history talks and shuttling workers to and from different locations. In addition to a salary, these jobs often provide reduced or even free accommodations at nearby RV parks or camping sites.

Park concessioners and private contractors operating park services such as restaurants and lodging, river rafting, and bus tours are also on the lookout for seasonal workers. While the companies hire six months in advance, open roaders can apply for more than one year at a time, which benefits the year-round traveler as well as the park or concessioner. RV owners and full time open roaders can find listings on the National Park Service website as well as

Living on the road via a camper, RV or in a modified or conversion made from a school bus for sale is more than a possibility for thousands of people of all ages, some with families and some without. The key is planning and research in order to provide both the course and the coinciding opportunities to make money in seasonal work around the country that keeps the lifestyle vibrant and funded.

Effectiveness of Bus Simulation Training

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Since the first interactive bus driving simulator in the U.S. was purchased by one of the major US agencies in the early 90′s, these systems have purportedly helped save untold millions in training costs and reduced collisions and accidents immeasurably in novice and even experienced drivers. While large transit systems purchase these simulators for training their drivers, there are many systems available to those that purchase a school bus for sale and are inexperienced with driving them safely and correctly. Let’s look at the benefits of bus simulation training, and what it can do to help novice drivers become more aware, alert, and safe via scenario training.

Hazard perception and anticipation may be the most important skills for bus drivers or any driver for that matter. Drivers with better hazard perception skills have a much better mental picture of their driving environment and therefore can anticipate challenges rather than reacting after the fact. Novice bus drivers, such as those that purchase a school bus for sale for either personal or business use, usually don’t have traffic experience from behind the wheel of a bus. Consequently, they have not developed a workable mental picture so that they can have the perception to correctly predict traffic scenarios like experienced bus drivers.

A simulator can present high risk scenarios that cannot be safely replicated in the real world. The ability to train over and over again with these scenarios has been shown to be effective in both mental attitude and muscle memory for drivers. For example, the “rocking and rolling” technique can be safely practiced with a simulator environment. This technique is designed to teach drivers how to physically move forward and side to side in their seat to complete turns so that they have better vision of temporarily obstructed objects. The goal is to make this a natural reaction during turns so that unseen pedestrians or fixed objects can be avoided.

It is the unexpected that causes the majority of intersection collisions, and for those that have purchased a school bus for sale, this may be one of the most important fundamental safety exercises. Simulators help the driver learn how to process more information simultaneously as they approach and move through intersections. Bus drivers will learn how to scan the intersection before arrival while taking mental snapshots of possible hazards, keep possible defensive measures in mind, and utilize the “rock and roll” technique when turning at an intersection.

While a simulator is not intended to be the sole means of training, when used conjunction with real world experiences, it can create the different mindset, driving protocols, and safety/observance standards that are inherent to safely driving a bus. So, before you purchase that school bus for sale to drive across country, take your band on the road, or shuttle your group passengers, keep in mind that affordable simulators can be part of your training to make you a safer driver.

Keeping Kids Busy on Long Bus Trips with the Best Bus Games

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

There are few things that can test skills of adults like chaperoning a bus full of children on a field trip. Time it seems is a relative thing. A short trip of 30 minutes for an adult can be an eternity for elementary school students who will get fidgety less than 5 minutes into the ride. Unengaged by the time the school bus arrives 30 minutes later absolute mayhem may rule the day and calming the kids down so they can get the most out of the destination is hard.

The alternative to anarchy is keeping them engaged and occupied on the trip. But the question is how to keep a bunch of rambunctious kids adequately occupied and under control without compromising their safety, well-being and exuberance. The answer is play games! Bus games keep kid’s minds busy while keep them in their seats.


This is a timeless classic that chaperones, teachers and kids can all participate in. The game starts with one participant picks something they see either on the bus or outside and recites the starting phrase, “I spy something white that carries things.” The idea is for the clue to be vague enough that players can not instantly guess what they talking about.

The player in this case may be referring to a plastic shopping bag on the seat next to his or a truck that passed the bus or even a plane in the sky. In order for the game to be fair the player who has done the spying should tell another player what they saw so that the spy won’t be able to change the item when someone guesses it. Whichever player successfully guesses the item becomes the next spy.


This game can be played by individuals or as teams of seatmates. The game can be based on knowledge about your destination or a topic of common knowledge for all the children such as pop music or sports or school. For example a trip to the zoo can include questions such as who can name 5 animals with stripes that you hope to see when you arrive.

Verbal Charades

Unlike regular charades where players act out their clues in verbal charades the kids provide verbal clues to describe something. In order to facilitate the game an adult writes down words or phrases on pieces of paper before the trip begins and puts them in a paper bag. Players than pick a piece of paper from the bag and the game begins.

Punch Buggy or Punch Plate

The traditional version of this road trip game involves spotting Volkswagen Beetles and calling out their color by saying punch buggy blue or punch buggy white. Any brand or model of car can be substituted. An alternative version uses license plates where players try and identify license plates from different states and call out what they see by saying punch plate Alabama or punch plate Pennsylvania.

Enjoy traveling or transporting a group of children in a used school bus while playing road trip games. For more information about finding a school bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

How Buses Have Changed

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Long before there were gasoline diesel powered engines. Before there were steam engines there was a need to move groups of people from one place to another for work or school or other less pleasant things like transporting criminals to prison.

Walking wasn’t efficient because the group could only travel as fast as the slowest person. Horseback wasn’t always practical because of the expense of individual horses and saddles and when it come to transporting young children it just wasn’t very safe. Wagons worked but usually designed with seats for a driver and a helper or two with the back flat and open to carry cargo.

Modified wagons designed to carry prisoners with walls and a roof to prevent escape date back to ancient times and can probably be considered the earliest form of bus since they were designed to transport multiple passengers at the same time.

The First Public Buses

The first public buses of sorts was invented and put into use in Paris in 1662. The bus and the idea of making mass public transportation a profit making business was the idea of French mathematician, philosopher and inventor Blaise Pascal. With financing and a guaranteed monopoly from the French King Louis XIV a bus system was put in place.

The first specially designed wagons that were used for the purpose of transporting groups of children to and from schools was invented in England in the 1820s. It was a horse drawn wagon with a roof to protect the children from the weather. It carried up to 25 students and was used the Quaker school at Abney Park, London.

Modern motorized busses first came into use in the 1910s as a way to efficiently transport workers from one place to another. Student transportation followed soon and when the yellow\orange school bus was born.

The First School Buses

An early builder of motorized school buses was the Thomas Built Bus Company which started out making street cars in 1916. Other early adopters of school bus manufacture include the Blue Bird Body Company which introduced a bus in 1927.

The first truly modern all steel school bus was built in the mid-1930s by Gillig Bros which later became the Gillig Transit Coach School Bus Company. Yellow became the official color for school buses in 1939 when Professor Frank W. Cyr at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College organized a conference that set national standards for school buses.

The need for school buses and buses of all sorts boomed after World War II thanks in large part to the tremendous growth of suburbs across the country. Suburban developments popped up everywhere to house returning soldiers eager to return to civilian life which included getting to and from work and having families full of children that needed to be transported to and from more distant suburban schools.

Over decades since the end of World War II buses of all types have seen great advances in fuel efficiency, capacity and safety. Modern buses are engineering marvels that are not only more efficient and safe but have larger passenger capacities and are far more comfortable than their ancestors.

Everyday countless people enjoy faster safer more fuel efficient trips in a bus than ever before. For more information about finding a bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

See how a School District Saved $60,000 with Used School Buses

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

4998-2000InternationalAmtran-1In times of tight budgets and reduced funding many school districts are choosing to buy used school buses to replace older models. The benefits of upgrading to newer used school buses include reduced pollution and improved student safety.

Education budgets are shrinking across the country with less funding available to local school districts from federal and state budgets many districts are seeking innovative ways to maintain education standards while reducing costs. One way has been through the purchase of used rather than new school buses.

In Michigan the Thornapple Kellog School District recently decided to purchase three used school buses rather than new ones. The district’s Finance Director Chris Marcy said the district will save about $20,000 per bus for a total savings of $60,000. The savings can be repurposed for education.

The districts total cost for the three buses is just over $169 thousand. Each of the used buses has fewer than 50,000 miles which in terms of bus life expectancy makes them teenagers. The Thornapple Kellog School District expects to continue retiring older vehicles throughout their fleet in which many of the buses date back to the early 1990s and some currently have more than 240,000 miles on them.

The question of budget cuts is one that affects virtually every school district in the nation. This is why many districts are turning to the used school bus market to replace all or part of their aging fleets and save much needed resources for student education. School district decisions to replace aging buses is newer ones is also a matter safety and environmentally sound.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) points out that more than half of today’s school buses have been in service for more than a decade. Older buses lack current pollution and safety features with some emitting nearly twice as much pollution per mile as a semi-truck. This is pollution that is breathed in by the same students districts are transporting.

These older more polluting buses can lead to significant health risks for students who typically ride the bus for one and a half to two hours per day. It’s important to not that children are far more susceptible to air pollution than adults because their young lungs are still developing.

Asthma which affects 6.3 million school children every year is the most common long-term childhood disease in the county. This fact alone is causing many districts to upgrade their older vehicles with newer, cleaner used school buses. Older school buses negatively impact not only children but entire communities including another highly vulnerable group, senior citizens.

School districts should consider putting in place a system to assess their school bus fleet and determine which buses are ready for replacement and setting a schedule for the remainder of the fleet. An orderly process can help districts further control rising costs by allowing them adequate time to research and shop for the best available used school buses. has a large selection of used school buses for sale. For more information about how to get your own Used school bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


More Universities Choosing Zero Emissions School Bus for Sale

Friday, May 10th, 2013
School Bus

School Bus

On the University of Delaware campus, officials recently took advantage of a whole new type of school bus for sale. Within the next year, students will be able to board two zero-emission, sound-free buses on campus. This brings the total number of environmentally-conscious buses up to four, providing a great number of students with an Mother Earth approved travel option.

Known as fuel cell buses, these are created and purchased under a special program run through the university. More recharging stations will also be installed. The fuel cell program began in 2005, with the first bus arriving in 2007 and a second following in 2009. Since they are hydrogen-based, only steam from water emits from the tailpipes.

Other campuses utilizing this unique school bus for sale include Georgetown University and the University of Texas. Cities like Burbank, California and New Haven, CT have also come on board with their own fuel cell buses.

Why would a university specifically choose a zero-emission school bus for sale? There are a few reasons. First and foremost, universities are at their best when they produce top research and new ideas. Fuel cell buses are still so rare and new, the university environment is the perfect location to put a lot of miles on this form of transportation and learn more about what it’s capable of.  Colleges are also always home to the next generation of workers – it is a great opportunity to inspire and reach the next generation for environmental issues. These are the future engineers, conservationists and innovators – where else would you spark a great idea? Finally, universities can afford it. Okay, maybe not every school – but many receive funding and have portions of tuition earmarked for environmental programs that could easily include fuel cell buses. Eligible to receive funding that other organizations cannot, universities are an ideal host for fuel cell buses.

As more universities shop around for a school bus for sale, many will discover the long term economic and environmental advantages of a fuel cell bus. While not the cheapest in terms of upfront investment, and also still plenty to learn along the way, fuel cell buses are the future at many campuses.

Bio: Tom DeFulvio is co-owner of Buses for Sale in Springfield, PA. Whether you’re local or in another part of the country, this dynamic discount bus sale company can help you find the vehicle you’re looking for. Buy, sell or browse a wide selection, including the latest Blue Bird bus for sale.


Improving a School Bus for Sale with Sustainable Manufacturing

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Alternative energy and fuel efficiency consume most of the green headline space but going green is about more than that it’s about the less glamorous business of sustainability. Sustainable practices in manufacturing school buses for sale are the real secret force to going green.

School Bus

School Bus

Greening up in the school bus for sale business is about finding ways to not only save energy but to reduce waste and is often unknown by the public until a spotlight in the form of an award or public acknowledgement is made of the efforts. When it comes to manufacturing a school bus for sale not all green initiatives involve exhaust emissions.

Just like a conscientious individual manufacturers can also make a difference by reducing and reusing rather than dumping and wasting. A great example is Collins Bus Company which at one time only recycled scrap metal. Through green practices Collins has reduced its contribution to landfills by 90% and include recycling cardboard which generates enough revenue to more than offset the cost of having scrap wood recycled and reused.

Companies like Collins Bus have begun participating in mentoring programs whereby they bring in other companies and provide first hand tutorials on recycling, water conservation and waste reduction. By showing how they reduce and reuse in the process of making a school bus for sale they are able to show others how to incorporate these best practices into their own operations.

Other school bus for sale manufacturers are also incorporating in the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into their production. Thomas Built Bus, Blue Bird, IC Bus and others have all found that waste reduction efforts pay off in more ways than they imagined.

Thomas Built Bus Company became the first school bus for sale builder to achieve Zero-Waste to Landfill status. That means that everything they brought or produced was used, reused, recycled or sold. That’s quite a task and it earned them the 2011 Environmental Steward Award from the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Thomas Built Bus found that going green was good for more than the environment it was good for the bottom line as well. By doubling the amount of wood recycled and almost tripling the amount of paper and cardboard recycled helped the environment reducing its water usage by 42% and cutting its electric use by 6,891 kilowatts added to the company’s profit margin.

The addition of 4,000 watt laser cutters enabled them to eliminate 5 other machines and reduce the cost to fabricate parts by 25%. The lasers provide greater precision and lower costs partly by reducing waste which saves on material and recycling expenses.

The manufacture of school buses for sale is a highly competitive business and building a better product for less money benefits everyone concerned. It is a win, win situation where the environment benefits from reduced waste and pollution, children and schools benefit from safer school buses for sale and the companies themselves enjoy a healthier bottom line.

Sustainable school bus for sale manufacturing is one more way that industry is evolving to meet the needs of the communities they serve and improve their business at the same time. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


Safety Tips for a Bus for Sale

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration students are about 50 times more likely to get to school safely in school bus than if they drive themselves or travel with fiends. Not only that, but they are also much safer on a school bus for salethan are being driven by a parent. Riding a school bus is also safer for your children in the long run because it’s better for the environment too!

School  Bus

School Bus

A modern school bus for sale is designed and built with safety in mind. They are stronger, more efficient and better maintained than ever before. A school bus for sale makes the world a better place by reducing traffic and pollution by keeping extra cars off the road and riding the bus is safer than traveling to school in a car.

The number of very young children going to school on a school bus for sale is at its highest level ever. School bus safety for the youngest passengers is just like any other vehicle. Young children must be secured by an approved Child Safety Restraint System (CSRS) when riding the bus.

Just like the family car a school bus for sale that is transporting very young children is equipped with either harnesses or lap belts and in order for them to be effective in preventing injury they must be used and used properly. A school bus for sale restraint that is too loose may be as useless as not using one at all.

A typical school bus for sale has seats that are 39 inches wide and the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that up to three younger elementary school aged children may sit on each seat and 2 older or children per seat is permissible. Children and adults are safest when they are properly seated on the bus with their legs in and their backs against the seat.

School buses for sale are designed to be ridden without the use of restraints for all but the youngest passengers. A school bus is bigger and stronger than a passenger car and therefore is better able to absorb the energy of a collision. School bus seats are placed intentionally close together to provide a protective envelope for passengers.

For the school bus’ protective design to be most effective passengers should remain completely within the confines of the seat space and not be seated so that they are partially in the school bus aisle or standing. Students and passengers should be instructed  to wait until the school bus has come to a complete stop and the driver indicates that it is safe to get up before leaving their seats.

Drivers of passenger cars and other vehicles can do their part in adding to school bus for sale safety by observing all school bus laws and never passing a school bus especially when it is stopped with its fold out stop sign extended to load or unload children.

School bus safety is the responsibility of everyone from parents and teachers to other drivers. Keeping kids safe on a school bus for sale is often as simple as common sense. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.


Save school district money with a used school bus for sale

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Finding a good school bus for sale isn’t difficult. But finding one at a price that will work within the tight budgets of many school districts isn’t always simple. Buses for Sale solves this dilemma by offering a large number of great reconditioned school buses that will save a school district money while providing the safe and reliable transportation it demands for its students.

At any time, our lot is full of a wide selection of buses that will fit the needs of most any school district. For example, you can find a Chevy Collins school bus for sale with a 16-student seating capacity all the way up to a huge International Bluebird that holds 72 occupants.

We also carry International Amtrans, Chevy Bluebirds, Ford school vans, International Carpenters, International Crowns and many others. It’s never hard to find the perfect school bus for sale within our extensive selection.

The school busses we offer have all been checked out from top to bottom to make sure they’re ready to perform for you on the road. Some of our buses have undergone extensive refurbishing, making them look almost the way they did when they rolled off the factory floor.

Whatever your school district’s needs, we can meet them. Our buses are all ages and styles. There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money on a brand new school bus when a much more economical pre-owned bus will do the job just as well.

By saving money on transportation, school districts are able to re-channel funds into important areas like teacher salaries, school books and curriculums, classroom furniture, teaching supplies, school security and other important areas.

But most school districts must provide transportation for students, so buses are necessary expenditures. We provide school districts a way to have this transportation at a much lower cost than would be required to put brand new school buses in their fleets.

If you’re a school district administrator and have been considering a used school bus for sale, we invite you to see what we have to offer. You can visit us at 1501 Baltimore Pike in Springfield, Pa., or give us a call at (877) 287-7253.

School District Budget Cuts Make a Used School Bus for Sale Appealing

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Brand new school buses are expensive and can quickly eat away at school district budgets, which are already tight, in most cases. For this reason, many district officials shop for a used school bus for sale when they need to add to their bus fleet.

Buses for Sale handles a large number of different types of used school buses. We know that finding a school bus for sale isn’t that hard, but finding one from a dealer with a solid reputation for great prices and unsurpassed service isn’t always easy.

When a school district representative comes to us looking for a school bus for sale, we find out exactly what they need in a bus – a particular age limit, seating capacity, maker, safety features, engine size, etc. – then go to work finding that exact bus.

Price is also an issue, particularly with school district that are opting for a used school bus for sale rather than purchasing a new one. Fortunately our lot is always stocked with a huge number of buses, often with prices starting as low as $5,995.

Of course, you can pay a lot more for a used school bus. Many factors are involved in determining a fair price, and we’re able to explain them to school district reps. Our sales personnel know our buses inside and out. They want everyone who walks on the lot to leave with the perfect bus for them.

Typical used school buses you’ll find at Buses for Sale include buses by Chevrolet, International, Thomas, Ford and others in all the popular models and body styles. Finding a used school bus for sale here is remarkably simple.

We offer to school districts small buses such as the Ford E 350 with a seating capacity of 15 all the way up to a huge International Amtran that seats 72. The majority of our school buses are painted in the traditional school-bus-yellow shade, so all that’s required of a school district is to paint its name on the side.

The bottom line is, we appreciate our school district customers and will do everything possible to find them the makes and models and sizes of school buses that meet their fleets’ requirements. Our stock is always expansive, and it’s never hard to find the right bus at Buses for Sale.

If you’re a school district representative looking to add a quality used bus to your fleet, call us at (877) 287-7253, or visit us in person at 1501 Baltimore Pike in beautiful Springfield, PA.