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Party Bus and Limo Bus Features

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Prom, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, night out on the town… Party buses have become a really popular way to travel with friends on a special night out. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the features that you can find in a party bus or limo bus.

A party bus is like having an exclusive club all to yourself and your friends – up to 40 of them depending on what size bus you get. These behemoths on wheels can come with some pretty lavish interiors. Many party buses have plush leather seating, full bars, real hardwood floors, granite bar countertops, and extensive lighting displays. Some have multiple plasma screen TVs, touch screen media centers, free Wi-Fi, color changing LED lights, charging stations and deafening sound systems.

party bus with neon lights

Source: partybus.IT

party bus with bar

Source: partybus.It


Other fancy features include tinted windows, mirrored ceilings, fog machines, laser machines, removable dancing poles, and lets not forget the cup holders to keep your drink from spilling while you hit the dance floor. Suffice it to say, these buses are basically dance clubs on wheels.

party bus with sound system



If you’re thinking about renting a party or limo bus for a special occasion, make sure you look into a handful of companies. Some rental companies give you the option of having a bartender or free party decorations and bottled water. You’ll also want to make sure that the company you choose as a well-qualified driver and safety-inspected vehicles.

If you’ve recently bought or are thinking about purchasing a used party bus or limo bus to refurbish, we hope that this post has given you some features to think about. You can browse our website for great deals on used party buses from all over the country. Once you have found the right bus, a party bus designer in your area can help you customize the interior according to your budget and preferences. Get started now by searching for a used party bus or limo bus for sale.

Converted Party Bus for Sale among Crowd Standouts

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Traveling across city and state highways, back roads and streets for hours a day doesn’t have to be a tiresome or bland experience for drivers or passengers. In fact, party bus for sale feature products can make traveling exciting and adventurous. It’s also possible to save money and enjoy a spacious ride with a bus that’s been converted into a party bus for sale.

Hitting the Road in Style in a Party Bus for Sale

For example, pre-owned limo buses at Bargain Bus News can make great party buses after a bus conversion. The process of converting a limo bus into a party bus for sale includes designing the bus’ layout and seat design. For example, companies and individuals who plan to transport 15 people in a party bus may have space to add custom bars and other special effects to their bus. The amount of cooler space on the party bus for sale can also be enlarged if transporters plan to limit the number of passenger space to 15 or fewer people.

That said, large buses, particularly wide buses, can be designed with several special effects and still hold as many as 40 to 45 passengers. Consider these special effects when checking out and test driving a pre-owned limo party bus for sale: lighting, cooler drainage and space, flooring and dining facilities. For example, it’s possible to get party buses that are equipped with custom bars. Some party bus for sale vehicles also come with electric fireplaces and waterfalls.

Although all party buses don’t offer the same entertainment, space and feature options, top converted buses generally offer basic features like lighting, custom seating and quality sound systems. A Bargain Bus News party bus for sale that has a custom design might also have a dance floor, digital sound system and satellite radio.

A party bus for sale offers custom-designed features that provide a similar experience as a decked out recreational vehicle (RV). Leather seats and wood floors are added to some of the pre-owned limo buses that have been converted into party buses. Cloth driver curtains allow passengers on the bus to enjoy privacy.

Party Bus for Sale Growing in Popularity

Growing in popularity, a party bus for sale gives transportation companies another way to fulfill their customers’ wants. The buses also give owners of transportation companies another option with which to grow their clientele, business and profits. Because many of the party buses are developed with automatic transmissions, drivers and passengers can enjoy a smooth ride.

Makes and models a party bus for sale is available in at Bargain Bus News vary. Some name brand makes and models include Freightliner, General Motors Futurliner, MCI, Krystal, Chevrolet and Mercedes. These buses offer more than comfort. They offer transportation companies the chance to rent space to corporations, organizations and groups that are having celebrations. Smaller party buses, like the converted Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus, seat as many as 12-people. They also have turbo diesel engines and L-style seating.

At Bargain Bus News, it’s possible to purchase a party bus for sale for as little as $33,000. Rent the party bus and the bus might pay for itself in a year. Financing, insurance and service support is also available for buyers to take advantage of.