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5 Monstrous Motor Coach Conversion Buses for Sale

Monday, June 30th, 2014

You can always count on people to take something ordinary and make it bigger, better, and more extravagant just because they can. The vehicles that we drive are no exception. In this post, we’re sharing some motor coach conversion buses that put your typical motorhomes to shame.

1999 Prevost Liberty Motorcoach Conversion BusFirst, we bring you this 1999 Prevost Liberty Conversion from Canada. When this baby was brand new, it cost over a million dollars. While the price has gone down significantly, you shouldn’t let its age or appearance fool you – it still looks like a million bucks on the inside. This bus features a giant mirror on the ceiling that makes it look and feel twice as big. Plus, the lighting display gives it a little extra something special.


2008 Newmar Allstar Motorcoach Conversion Bus

Next, this 2008 Newmar 4258 Ultimate Tailgater just might be THE ultimate tailgater. This motorhome has a roof that extends off the side to provide you with shade while you enjoy your delicious burger or hot dog that you cooked on the grill that slides out from the back of the bus. It also opens up to a separate room in the back for easy access to an area with a sink, refrigerator and television.



1985 Neoplan Tour Bus for SaleIf you’re looking for your next big project, check out this 1985 Neoplan Tour Bus. The current owners say they bought it from NASA and used it as a tour bus in Florida. The original structure has been redone, but this 45-foot double decker bus stills needs some serious TLC from someone with a vision. The spacious upstairs offers tremendous opportunity for a bedroom, quite sitting area, game room for the kids, on-the-road office, you name it.




2003 Monaco Executive Motorhome for SaleWe’re betting that the current owners of this 2003 Monaco Executive Motorhome would agree that going on a road trip doesn’t mean you have to forfeit all luxury. The interior was updated in 2012 and now features two comfortable looking couches, a double kitchen sink, a fancy blue and silver tiled backsplash, and a kitchen table. But when we talked about luxury, what we really want to bring your attention to is the giant, king size bed that this gargantuan motorhome can carry. Who says you have to stay at a five star hotel in order to sleep on a plush, king size mattress?




1990 Neoplan Skyliner Motorcoach Conversion Bus for SaleLastly, we bring you this monstrosity. As if a 40-foot bus wasn’t big enough, the current owner had this 1990 Neoplan Skyliner Conversion stretched out to 45 feet. And if that still isn’t big enough for you, we should probably mention that it’s also a double decker that recently had an additional foot added to the height bringing it to a whopping 13 and a half feet. The interior needs a lot of work, but the plus side is that the new owner can customize this motorhome however he or she wants. It already has a few features such as a staircase with a spindle railing for that at-home feel. You can also see plans that the owner has included for a kitchen area and a sitting area on the second floor.



We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what the world of motor coach conversions has to offer. Since we find buses for sale across the country, we’re always bringing buyers great opportunities like the ones we’ve shared here. To search for a motor coach, visit our website.

Motorhomers are Adventurers

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Recent research has shown that motorhome owners are much more likely to take a short trip or extended vacation than are non-owners. How much more likely? According to recent polls conducted of motorhome owners, they are 50% more likely to take a vacation or visit a new location than other vehicle owners are. That means that motorhome drivers take twice as many vacations, visit twice as many new places, and have twice as much fun with their friends and families.

So, what is it about motorhome owners that makes them so adventurous? It could be that people who buy motorhomes are naturally inclined to take trips and go on adventures. No one buys a motorhome to just let it sit in his or her yard, after all. But many signs point to something deeper, something related to the feeling of community and of freedom that motorhomes impart onto their owners.

motorhome for saleMany seasoned motorhome drivers say that they feel more free, more alive when they are taking their vehicle to a new place, or to a familiar hideaway. And these drivers don’t just go to secluded camping spots – though these locations are popular, especially for romantic get-a-ways. Instead, drivers report taking spur-of-the-moment trips to all sorts of new locations, from tourist traps and theme parks to new cities and even other countries. The call of adventure is strong with motorhome drivers, and because they have a modern vehicle with all the comforts of home, they are more able to listen to the call and strike out onto the open road.

This is a sensation that is shared with new motorhome owners as well. These drivers are excited to try out their new camping vehicle, and also to see what it’s like to get back to nature, while not abandoning a comfortable bed or hot meal. Because the modern conveniences can come with a motorhome owner, they are more likely to take their kids or significant other out on an extended vacation. This means that they get to make new memories that will last a life time, while also teaching kids the importance of disconnecting and getting to know nature – something that is very important in an increasingly connected and digital world.

So, from getting back to nature to tailgating at the game, motorhome owners are more adventurous and more well traveled than non-owners; it’s a fact. And because of this, motorhomers tend to have more full and fun lives, and have stronger, happier families.

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Inadequate License Consequences

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

The leading provider of insurance policies for motorhome owners, Comfort Insurance, has recently released a message to drivers: make sure your driver’s license is adequate for your vehicle rating or you may face consequences.

Ben Cue from Comfort Insurance has stated that it is not uncommon for drivers to be unaware of the myriad laws that exist in respect to motorhome ownership. These laws include specific motorhome insurance requirements and driver’s license classifications for instance, and Ben says that many drivers are unaware of the fact that they have broken any of these laws at all until they have been issued a citation or a fine. In fact, driver’s license classification and insurance coverage problems are among the most common legal problems that motorhome owners can face.

Furthermore, there are also special considerations that senior drivers should be cognizant of. Drivers who are 70 years old or older must renew their C1 driver’s license to make sure that they maintain the correct classification necessary in order to operate a motorhome. In addition to that, senior motorhome operators should make sure that their insurance company doesn’t have any additional considerations so that they can maintain coverage of their vehicle.

The real danger for most drivers, Ben Cue says, is that there can be significant legal and financial repercussions for drivers who are not properly licensed and insured. Some consequences for motorhome drivers include, but are not limited to:

Harsh fines and legal fees can be levied against drivers who fail to meet minimum classification and insurance levels.

Suspension or revocation of driver’s licenses is a very real possibility for anyone who is caught with inadequate insurance. This can be especially problematic for owners who use their motorhome as their primary vehicle.

Regardless of whether you’re a new motorhome driver, of if you’ve been driving for years, it’s imperative that you keep your license and insurance up to date. To avoid fines and fees, and to generally be able to fully enjoy your motorhome, making sure that you’re in compliance with the law both in your home state, and in any places to which you travel.

Once you get your license update, stop by to shop for buses for sale.

2014 and 2015 Motorhome Owners Association Dates Announced!

Monday, March 10th, 2014

FMCA will be making repeat visits to several venues that seem tailor-made for the “cities on wheels” that take shape during its motorhome rallies and shows.

In March 2014, FMCA’s 89th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase will come to life at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry. This will mark FMCA’s eighth visit to this RV-friendly facility.

Setting off its 8th straight visit to Perry, the Eighty-Ninth Annual Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase will visit the National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Georgia for the March 2014 event. Since 1996 the FMCA has been a common sight at the fairgrounds due to the facility’s attractive spaces and modern buildings and amenities.

Event officials are expecting between six and eight-thousand people to arrive for the event, which will be from March 17th through the 20th of 2014, where nearly 3,000 motorhomes will flock to get information about traveling, see new models, and get together with fellow motorhome enthusiasts.

In August 2014, the FMCA will hold an event in Oregon, at the Deschutes County Fair and Exposition Center near Redmond. This modern and beautiful location will play host to its 5th FMCA expo on over a hundred acres of land with a stunning mountaintop backdrop. Redmond and the surrounding areas have been very welcome to FMCA in the past, with huge numbers of locals turning out for the event and festivities.

In March 2015, FMCA will make its way back West, all the way to California. Fairplex, located in Pomona, boasts one of the largest, and most well appointed, event hosting locations in the country. With access to large and small vehicle parking, and with over 400 acres of space, the March 2015 event promises to be a remarkable showcase of motorhomes and their fans.

Future dates such as the 2015 summer event are currently being planned, and many organizers expect these events to be as big or even bigger than the 2014 events listed. From exhibitions to informational seminars, the FMCA events are exceptional resources for motorhome owners and enthusiasts, as well as those who are interested in joining the growing motorhome community.

Activities abound at these get-togethers. One of the important elements of these Reunions is an exhibition of motorhomes. Major manufacturers and dealers gather to display their vehicles, and motorhome components and accessories also are available for inspection.

To find out more about any upcoming events, or to register as a visitor or a vendor, give the FMCA a call at (513) 474-3622 any time. Or if you’re looking to buy a motorhome for traveling to these showcases, visit

Motorhome Safety Tips

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Motorhomes are a great way to get out and into the great outdoors without having to leave the comforts of home behind. From taking a day trip down to the beach to taking a months-long trip cross-country, motorhomes are extremely popular and safe alternatives to traditional camping and travel methods. However, because modern motorhomes have so many conveniences packed into them, it is extremely important to remember some simple safety tips when traveling and storing them. Failure to maintain a safe motorhome could result in a loss of the motorhome itself, or even injury if someone is inside the vehicle when an accident happens.

The first thing to remember is to keep all burners and heaters in check, and to only use the stove, if your motorhome is equipped with one, while the vehicle is at rest and parked. Many motorhomes have safety devices built in so that the cooking appliances will not ignite while moving. Still, it’s very important to remember that butane heater and stove burners may sometimes turn on, which can lead to a noxious fumes or even a fire in the cabin. Similarly, it’s important to make sure that all burners and heaters have been turned off before everyone has left the motorhome to go on an outing. By leaving the burners on, you risk letting the vehicle catch on fire – which can quickly spread and consume the entire vehicle.

Make sure that all of your seasonal preparations are made in advance. Many travelers simply trust that their motorhome is ready for whatever nature throws at it. And while most homes can sustain mild variations in weather without intervention, it’s important to remember that a motorhome is a vehicle, and just like your car there are some preparations that should be made in advance of any inclement weather. From making sure that batteries are new and that antifreeze has been topped off, to ensuring that tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread on them for the terrain you will encounter, all preparations should be made in advance of a trip, rather than once the trip is underway.

Ensure that all appliances, utensils, and tools are properly secured and stowed during travel. Few people realize the damage that can be done by a simple utensil or tool that flies off of a table during traffic. Unfortunately, these items can be dangerous and may cause serious harm to your passengers if they are not properly secured and tied down. So make sure that all of the loose items in the cabin of your motorhome are tied down or are in a cabinet before setting off on the road.

Motorhomes can be extremely safe and fun vehicles for adventuring, and there are many places that they can take you. However, ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers is paramount to creating lasting memories with your family and friends so be sure to follow these tips when traveling.

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Winter Touring With A Motorhome

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Your Motorhome Could be the Key to Winter Wonderlands and Fall Vacations

While there are some people who feel that camping means “roughing it” with a simple tent and whatever you can hold in a backpack, many outdoors enthusiasts are learning that a motorhome can be a much more enjoyable, and relaxing, way of getting back to nature.

Similarly, many people have noticed another trend in motorhome usage: people are beginning to take more and more trips during the fall and winter months, rather than during the summer. While there are still thousands of people who wait for warmer weather to strike out into nature, it’s now common to see families and individuals taking vacations in motorhomes during the colder months.

Because modern motorhomes provide travelers with all of the comforts of home, many people are able to visit remote locations such as lakes and ponds, and even rugged places such as mountains and canyons, while enjoying the comfort of a warm bed and a hot shower. And as long as travelers remember to bring plenty of provisions and butane for their heaters, they won’t be left out in the cold no matter the weather.

The name for this new trend is “Winter Touring” and it has sprouted out of a desire to get away from the rush and the crowds of summer. Many people want to relax and really enjoy nature while they are taking their vacations, and it’s too often crowded and packed during the summer months. From families going to the beach and the nature trail, to tourists taking in the sights in cities and popular destinations, the summer months are simply too popular for more relaxed vacationers to enjoy.

As campers have begun to enjoy the freedom and simplicity of Winter Touring, and as motorhomes become cheaper and easier to afford, it’s likely that many destinations will begin to see more RV traffic during the winter months. And while some of these travelers may be young families who want to go on a winter adventure, most of these winter warriors will be retirees and seniors who just want to enjoy their retirement and have some time away from the rat race.

For more information about Winter Touring, to find out about great winter destinations, and to see how a motorhome may help you go on an amazing winter adventure of your own, call us today or come by the showroom any time during normal business hours. Visit us at for more information.