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Used Minibus and Charter Tour Bus Features

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Used Minibus

A used minibus makes a great multipurpose vehicle. Typically, a used minibus is used for shuttling moderately sized groups; for example, transporting students long distances on a college campus. A company that provides airport, hotel or worksite transfers would also purchase a used minibus for transporting about a dozen passengers at a time.

Look into buying a used minibus if you need a reliable form of transportation for family or business trips. There’s plenty of room for a good-sized group of people and their luggage, and a used minibus will provide more personal space than a minivan. However, the more passengers you add to a used minibus, the less room there is for luggage. The majority of minibuses have little to no room in the back, making transporting large quantities of luggage a problem. If storage is a priority, get a used minibus that carries more passengers than you need.

A used minibus can be a more cost effective alternative to a larger deluxe charter tour bus for transporting smaller groups. Depending on the size, a used minibus can seat 8-15 passengers. A used minibus rarely includes a restroom, almost always offers air conditioning, and sometimes includes a TV and DVD player. Newer used minibus models include wheelchair lifts, and improved safety features. These used minibus models offer slip-resistant flooring and wheelchair-accessible rear entrances.

Charter Tour Bus

A charter tour bus can also be referred to as a tour bus, charter bus and deluxe motorcoach, and is designed for long distance travel. A charter tour bus is ideal for conferences, corporate groups, school trips, church events or any similar event requiring the transport of a large group of people.

An older charter tour bus that’s about 10 to 15 years old will generally provide all the luxurious features of newer charter tour bus, with the exception of wifi Internet access. A charter tour bus will usually include air conditioning, TVs, a DVD player, curtains, a restroom and nice carpeting. Many older charter tour bus models include features such as individual climate control and reading lights, adjustable foot rests a PA system and more.

Bus dealers offer a wide variety of charter tour buses consisting of different styles and sizes. The seating patterns for a charter tour bus are typically 47, 55, 56 and 57. A charter tour bus usually has the capability to seat between 36 and 61 passengers.

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Limo Bus & Charter Tour Bus Maintenance Guidelines

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Businesses offering limo bus and charter tour bus services must follow the FMCSA’s vehicle regulations to maximize safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates private interstate bus transportation by setting safety standards to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. Private carriers must follow specific rules regarding licensing, driver qualifications, hours of service and maintenance.

Depending on the use of your limo, charter or other bus type, it will fall into one of two types—a business or non-business PMCP. A carrier considered a “private motor carrier of passengers” operates vehicles across state lines or transports 16 or more passengers. Business PMCPs provide transportation for commercial purposes, such as transportation for employees or professional musicians on concert tours. The public does not have access to their services. Non-business PMCPs provide services for non-commercial organizations, such as churches, private schools, scout groups or charity groups.

Private carriers must follow FMSCA rules regarding licensing and driver qualifications. Charter tour bus carriers need to obtain a license from FMSCA to operate across state lines, and the amount of insurance bus carriers need depends on the seating capacity of their vehicles. Buses that seat over 15 passengers must have a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance. Bus carriers must maintain files for every driver they hire stating qualifications, and they must retain accident-related files for three years after any incident.

In order to operate a limo, charter or other bus, a driver may not have a criminal history, suspended or rescinded license, or a history of violating out-of-service orders. The FMCSA also sets limits for the amount of time drivers may operate a bus—generally no more than 10 hours at a time, followed by 8 hours off duty. Non-business PMCP drivers are subject to these regulations, but they are not required to maintain records of duty status. Their hours are evaluated during terminal, en route, and destination inspections.

Charter and limo bus carriers must systematically inspect, repair and maintain all their vehicles through mandated inspection programs. A qualified inspector should replace or repair parts, check the engines, transmissions, brakes, exhaust and electrical systems. After inspection, the bus carrier must keep records documenting bus maintenance. The brakes, oil and tire pressure should be checked on a monthly basis. After trips, drivers must deliver roadside reports to their employer and complete a post-trip inspection. Bus carriers should also have safety procedures in case of emergencies requiring repair or replacement of the limo, charter or other vehicle type.

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Charter Tour Buses Are the Most Comfortable and Safe Way To Travel

Friday, August 20th, 2010
If you desire to get away and do not want to drive, a Charter Tour Bus can deliver you to your destination. These buses are optimized for dependability and relaxation for the traveler. Reserve from a reliable company that has the highest standard of quality buses and operators at a price that will fit your budget. Traveling has never been more enjoyable and convenient.

Want a unique way to travel? Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a Charter Tour Bus for your next excursion. Getting to your destination in one of these buses will be more fun and enjoyable as you ride in style and comfort!

Book any sort of excursion for local day trips to the city, extended overnight travel, or whatever destination with a Charter Tour Bus for either individuals or groups. Your bus ride will be comfortable, safe, and economical with a fleet of buses that are ready to service your group. There are also buses that can provide handicapped accessibility to accommodate those with disabilities.

What makes a Charter Tour Bus so comfortable? The comfy reclining seats with plenty of legroom will keep your relaxed while you enjoy the scenery. You can watch a movie on DVD. There are restrooms for your convenience. Take along a snack, sit back, and unwind.

Where can a Charter Tours Bus take you? To wherever you choose to go. Buses and certified drivers can provide travel arrangements to amusement parks, public attractions, winery’s, shopping outlets, casinos, concerts, company events, school or sporting events, tour destinations, or wherever else you need to travel.
Buses are the cost efficient way of transporting a group to a function or site.

Why is so convenient to travel on buses? It is virtually hassle-free travel. Passengers are picked up curbside and transported door to door. The entire group will arrive at the same time. There are overhead racks for carry-ons. No need for you to worry about directions, tolls, or parking.

Travel on your timetable wherever you desire to go. Let a Charter Tour Bus get you there safely, in comfort, and economically. Hop aboard and enjoy your trip.

J Zande is a freelance writer planning a wine tour. She is searching for a Charter Tour Bus company to accommodate a group of friends who will enjoy “tasting” and learning about wines and vineyards. Bargain Bus News offers THE most comfortable way to travel. Their buses are safe, comfortable, and they offer first class service to those who desire to travel by bus. You will be completely refreshed and ready to have fun when you reach your destination when you travel on a Charter Tour Bus. Competitive prices are available to cater to your budget.

Enjoy the Tour With Charter and Limo Tour Buses

Thursday, July 8th, 2010
Welcome aboard a Charter Tour Bus!If you want to travel and enjoy an exciting adventure to a special destination you won’t be disappointed traveling in a Charter Tour Bus.

You can relax in one of the many elegant motor coaches that are available to transport you in style, safety, and in today’s economic crisis, at a reasonable cost.

A Charter Tour Bus is the ideal transportation for groups or organizations that are traveling across the country, within a city, or on a special site seeing tour.Professional trained drivers will take your school group, civic club, church group or individuals to their desired location.Relax and enjoy the smooth ride, the views of nature, hassle free travel and all the benefits of a Charter Tour Bus.

A Charter Tour Bus has many amenities that make your travel experience more enjoyable.Most charter tour buses are equipped with comfortable reclining seats,large tinted windows, clean restrooms, video players, and needless to say heat and air conditioning.

Recently the Department of Transportation introduced a regulation requiring individual safety belts on coaches.This feature adds to the safety and security of travel for all individuals on a Charter Tour Bus.Plus they are smoke-free!

Do you want to travel in a more lavish style? Then you want the comfort and glamour of the Limo Buses for your excursion.Travel in Limo Buses offers luxurious, comfortable, and stylish transportation to your location.

Limo Buses will put a smile on your face as you travel to that concert, prom, airport, casino, bachelorette or bachelor party, wedding, birthday, anniversary celebration or just a night on the town in the most comfortable form of transportation.

Parents will be assured to know that reliable and professional drivers will transport their teens to the prom safely and have the trust in renting Limo Buses for this big night.Teens will love dancing in the spacious aisles and the surround sound speakers and CD player.

Limo Buses offer standing room and legroom for the comfort of all that travel.In addition, TV and video players also add to travel fun and entertainment.

Wedding parties especially enjoy Limo Buses because one of the “bells and whistles” is the bar!Having a “designated driver” is the smart choice and responsible way to travel.

If you choose a Charter Tour Bus or Limo Buses on your next excursion, for whatever occasion, it will be enhanced in these stylish high quality forms of transportation on wheels.

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Buying Limo Buses and Charter Tour Buses: Brand New Features and Amenities Make For Memorable Trips

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Limo buses are a great way to transport people on group outings as well as an overall classy way to travel. Whether you’re transporting individuals to a bachelorette party, bachelor party, concert, a corporate trip/event, or any other occasion, limo buses are the way to travel in style, comfort, and class. If you want to provide your passengers with the ultimate limo bus experience, check out all the new features and style options a limo bus can offer.

Limo buses are a great way to travel in that they’re luxurious, stylish, and feature many fantastic interior amenities such as larger windows with privacy shades, unique strobe lighting, and a large bar. An up to date limo bus comes with great sound equipment and video entertainment—flat screen TVs, iPod connector and speaker system, surround sound, and DVD players as well to make your trip an fun and unforgettable one.

A classy limo bus really makes a statement and can accommodate up to approximately 30 individuals. If you plan on purchasing a limo bus to take passengers to parties, wine tastings, casino excursions, weddings, and group events, it’s not necessary to purchase a limo bus with chrome wheels, a shiny black on black exterior, leather seating, sound system, speakers, LED lighting, a dancing pole, and laser light show capabilities, but you’ll certainly impress passengers and ensure they have a memorable night out on the town.

Charter Tour Buses are more conservative then limo tour buses, and a perfect means of daytime and longer distance travel. No matter if you’re taking charter bus passengers on a day trip or on an extended tour, they’re safe and can hold around 50 travelers.Charter tour bus are popular with church groups, day trips, or long distance trips, and can provide individuals a relaxed and pleasant trip atmosphere and allow them to avoid the hassles of driving, parking, and other travel-related issues. Charter tour buses are economical and luxurious enough for longer journeys and can comfortably transport individuals for long periods of time. Though charter tour buses do not have as nearly as amenities as a limo bus, charter tour buses do have televisions, bathrooms, DVD players, air conditioning, and a PA system.

Make your passengers’ parties, day trips, and excursions safe, hassle free and memorable with the amenities of a limo bus or the comfort of a charter tour bus. Learn more information about where you can purchase an affordable charter tour bus or limo bus and look forward to successful bus trips!

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Charter Bus Tours: Buying a Used or New Charter Bus

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Charter bus tours are necessary for allowing large groups of individuals to comfortably tour and travel an area.  They’re an economical, convenient method of transport, and a great alternative to traveling alone.  Charter bus tours save all the members of a party valuable time, fuel, and money.  Whether your driving a group of students to the airport, a live band, a sports team, or a church group, charter bus tours are a cost effective and comfortable way to travel.

When buying a charter bus for charter bus tours, local shuttling, airport transfer, school trips and other events, there’s no need to buy a brand new charter bus.  Many older or “used” charter buses are just as functional and efficient as the new ones available.  Depending on budget, estimated bus size, and extra additions, including bathrooms, bus lighting features, TVs, reclining seats, and other amenities for passengers, you can come up with an accurate estimate of the best charter bus for your company.

Before taking your passengers on a charter bus tour, here are helpful questions, tips, and suggestions to consider when purchasing a new or used charter bus.

How much am I willing to spend for the bus? What is my budget?  Decide beforehand how much you intend to spend for a charter bus.

What size charter bus am I looking for? If you plan on buying a larger model, consider that although more expensive to run, large charter buses are more profitable when filled to capacity.

How much will the charter bus weigh? The heavier the charter bus is, the greater the cost of maintenance.  Keep in mind that heavier charter buses do tend to last longer and hold up better in the long run.

What charter bus brands am I considering? Popular bus brands make maintenance and bus upkeep easy.  You’ll have an easier time finding and purchasing parts if you don’t buy a foreign charter bus model.  If you’re considering buying a used charter bus for your charter bus tour, you’ll still be able to obtain parts for major brands that are 20 or 30 years old.

What about charter bus insurance? To get a decent deal on charter bus insurance, ask for insurance quotes from at least two different insurance carriers before you buy your used charter bus.

Remember, don’t jump at the first charter bus you find.  Take the time to consider different used charter buses and compare them against other options available.  You can find a great older charter bus in great working condition for a very affordable price, and if it’s a popular brand future upkeep won’t be a problem.  Find a new or used bus dealer that can share their expertise to give you ideas of rates and makes of charter buses.  Whether you’re looking for a bus for charter bus tours, city trips and excursions, or any type of event, you’ll have wide selection of charter buses to choose from.  When you find a company that works with you to accommodate your needs, the only other thing you’ll need for your charter bus tour are travelers!