Buy a Prevost Bus for Sale and Tour the West!

Anyone old enough to remember The Who gets a little bit happier at the thought of going mobile, “Well, I’m gonna find a home, and we’ll see how it feels, goin’ mobile”. Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of being an air conditioned gypsy. Seeing a sign for a converted Prevost bus for sale sends a tingle down my spine and starts me humming Going Mobile.

Taking to the open road is as American as apple pie. It’s what we do, what we’ve always done, it is at the core of the American experience. As a nation we started on one coast and kept going west until we got to the other side and then we promptly turned around and went back in the other direction.

Seeing a sign that says Prevost Bus for Sale reminds me that we from my earliest memory of family trips the site of a bus that had been converted to an RV inspired me to say someday I want to explore the great American west from the comfort of one of those. Like a modern day pioneer in a prairie schooner my Prevost Bus RV would transport me to lands unknown and sights unseen.

Touring the country west of the mighty Mississippi is an experience like no other imaginable. The scale of our country really comes into focus when we cross the big muddy. The gentle rise of the land from the river to the foothills of the Rockies is imperceptible as you cruise across the Great Plains. The gently undulating landscape rolls by the windows of your RV like endless tapestry woven of earth tones seeded with small towns and the occasional city.

Starting the westward journey from the heart of the country, the middle of the Midwest, Saint Louis Missouri on Interstate 70 is like trip to another world for easterners, the familiar woodlands, hills and mountains to open first to the flood plain of the Mississippi, broad and flat through field and farm the home turf of Frank and Jessie James is all around as you pass through living history.

Your first stop is Missouri’s fourth largest city, Independence. Independence stood as the starting block of the settlers westward migration. It was where those seeking fame, fortune and a better life found wagon trains headed out on the Oregon, Sante Fe and California Trails. Many of whom had already traveled a thousand miles or more already and were about to enter the hardest part of their trip, a journey many would never live to complete, began.

From Independence you continue west to the only major American City to be in two states, Kansas City. Famous for steak and barbeque, KC is also known as the city of fountains with more than 200 of every shape, size and description. If professional sports are your passion Kansas City boasts one of each NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS and MLB teams plus world class, tennis, indoor soccer, arena football and even a professional ruby team.

Leaving Kansas City your adventure just beginning you pause for a moment and realize it all started with a sign that said Prevost Bus For Sale. For more information about how to buy a Prevost bus for sale visit or call 877-277-7253.

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