Bus for Sale Companies Preparing Drivers for New Medical Exams

Whether you’re just getting started in the transportation industry or are a seasoned pro who has been managing bus fleet services for several years, to remain viable, it’s important to stay abreast of industry changes. To stay current on industry changes, it can be beneficial to work with bus for sale firms like Bargain Bus News, firms that are up-to-date on key changes impacting your business.

Bus for Sale Company Provides Info about Medical Examination Changes

This way you can get more than great bus for sale deals on major bus makes and models. For example, quality bus for sale firms, like Bargain Bus News, are aware of changes to medical requirements for bus drivers. According to Mayo Clinic’s September 11, 2012 “Big Change Ahead for Truck, Bus Drivers: Mayo Expert Explains New Medical Exam Rule” article, people who have commercial driver’s licenses will be required to pass medical examinations that are performed by certified doctors. Specifically, Mayo Clinic reports that, “Under new federal requirements, the medical examinations will only count if they are performed by a health care provider specially trained and certified to do so.”

A primary intent of the change to the federal law is to prevent bus accidents that are caused by medical emergencies bus drivers experience. Dr. Cowl is noted in the article as saying, “Often, the medical evaluation is the only opportunity for preventive care that a driver will receive.”

Common causes of accidents involving bus drivers include chronic stress and strain on the eyes. High blood pressure, diabetes, apnea and obesity are other causes of medical emergencies experienced by bus drivers that can lead to accidents. By offering vehicles that are designed for comfort and structural support, bus for sale companies may be able to help decrease the amount of stress bus drivers experience.

Bus for Sale Companies and Driver Safety

For example, bus for sale companies can ensure their buses are equipped with high back seats that are ergonomically suitable for bus drivers, whether the drivers are short or tall. Lighting in buses can also be tested to ensure it keeps buses from being dim, which may help prevent some bus drivers, especially bus drivers who have been on the road for hours, from becoming groggy.

Furthermore, the option to buy vehicles from bus for sale companies that sell and service a variety of bus types can increase buyers’ chances of finding buses that offer the support and comfort they need. For example, bus drivers who are short in stature can visit top bus for sale companies, preview their offerings and select buses that are designed so they can look through side and rearview mirrors and wear adjustable seat belts comfortably, without the straps pulling up across their necks.

Other benefits experienced bus for sale companies offer individual bus drivers and transportation businesses, those owned by public and private organizations, include insurance and service support. Financing options offered at these companies can relieve transportation businesses and bus drivers of the stress of trying to figure out ways to pay for buses they want to own. In addition, experienced staff members at established bus for sale companies that have over 20 years of bus industry experience may know about options and features available to transportation firms and bus drivers that offer added protections that may help to keep bus drivers and passengers safer.

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