Bluebird Buses Meet More Stringent Crash Tests

Bluebird bus

Bluebird Bus

For many years, the Bluebird bus company has complied with the Kentucky Pole Test standards. This test involves the bus coming into impact at any point along the roof line with a cylinder. This cylinder must measure eight inches in diameter, be at least forty-eight inches long and hit the bus at a forty-five degree angle 1-3 inches above the top window line. This test is designed to test the bus’ passenger compartment, body panels and roof stability after impact from a crash.

Now, Bluebird Bus Company is openly reminding parents that their Type C Visions buses not only pass the Kentucky Pole Test, but also the Colorado Racking Test and other crash tests not required federally. A company spokeswoman recently stated that all buses, including the Type C Vision school bus, must go through rigorous testing – often going beyond what is required by legal enforcers.

What are the goals of these more stringent crash tests? The end result obviously must be the ultimate in safety. This includes ensuring that metal is not crushed during a roll-over crash, which can trap students and make emergency exits inaccessible.

All transit-style school buses offered by Bluebird bus company were redesigned last year to express this ongoing commitment to safety. However, the All American models have always been in compliance. Next up is the Type A Micro Bird, which is currently undergoing its compliance testing.

What does this all mean for parents of students riding the bus for a field trip or daily route? Those boarding Bluebird buses are riding the safest buses available, having undergone such a rigorous process of testing and certification. Parents can rest assured that buses are leading the way as one of the safest forms of travel for today’s mobile student. Additional features can be ordered by a dealer or customer to meet all local safety standards as needed, and this company continues to go above and beyond to keep kids safe from incident.

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