8 Strange & Crazy Buses You May See on the Roads

So if you thought you knew what every bus on the road looks like, we may have found a few buses to shock you.  Keep your hands on the wheel, and stay in your lane, don’t let these buses alarm you but you just might see them on the road depending on where you live!  We found a few of the absolute wildest, craziest, and strangest bus examples of the mad scientist style ingenuity that the dreamers dreamed to make these outstandingly original concept novelty buses.  From the Quintuple Decker bus below to the Upside Down, or is It? School Bus, these buses are kind of crazy.  These may be some of the strangest buses you have ever seen.


Quintuple Decker Bus

I guess it’s a quintuple decker bus, otherwise I guess we have to call it a double double decker bus and a half!  Either way I’m not sure it this was a jenga game players fantasy or an advertising stunt that just might topple!


Snow-Mobile Buses

Okay, so I never thought I would see it. I never even stopped for a second to think it might exist, it’s a SNOW-MOBILE BUS!
Okay, now that I know it exists, it’s a pretty cool plan for those snowy wildernesses.

3.) Over the Road Chinese Buses!

Crazy Chinese Over The Road Buses Unbelievable

I know it looks like that car is driving under some wild overpass but it’s not! That car is driving UNDER A BUS!
As crazy as it may seem these buses exist in China where they actually drive over top of existing traffic. Their locomotion is extended out over the road to either side and they are tall enough to allow regular cars to pass smoothly below as they travel. At least this is one way to avoid a traffic jam!

3.1) Another Photo of the Over the Road Buses in China

Another Over the Road Innovative Bus from China

Okay, not to dwell on but we had to show you another angled picture of these absolutely astonishing Chinese buses!

3 Crazy & Weird School Buses You Thought You’d Never See

4.) Wild & Crazy UPSIDE DOWN, Right-Side Up School Bus!

Upside Down, Right-Side Up School Bus

Is the school bus upside down or right-side up, or BOTH? This has gotta be the craziest designed school bus we’ve ever scene. I guess the good news is, it’s safe! If you ever topple and flip completely over while driving you land on your feet, ahem, I mean WHEELS!


Mac Truck School Bus Big Rig Yellow School Bus Oddity

So we are going to take the kids to school. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?
I didn’t think so.
That’s right a Mac Truck Big Rig School Bus gets the kids to school without much arguments from the kids or the other cars on the road.


The Saddest, Tiniest, Box Bike School Bus in the World

Look Kids. I’m sorry.

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The Longest Double Decker Articulated Style Bus Coach

This has got to be one of the longest double decker articulated style buses I have ever seen. Despite what could be monstrous problem, I would double down on this bus.
Okay, horrible puns. Horrible, you got me I’ll stop.


Really Long Multi-Section Articulated City Transit Bus Coach

I threw this one in because I love it. Don’t ask me why but if I ran city transit this bus might be all we see. This giant multi-section articulated bus is super long and to repeat myself, I love it!

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