5 Monstrous Motor Coach Conversion Buses for Sale

You can always count on people to take something ordinary and make it bigger, better, and more extravagant just because they can. The vehicles that we drive are no exception. In this post, we’re sharing some motor coach conversion buses that put your typical motorhomes to shame.

1999 Prevost Liberty Motorcoach Conversion BusFirst, we bring you this 1999 Prevost Liberty Conversion from Canada. When this baby was brand new, it cost over a million dollars. While the price has gone down significantly, you shouldn’t let its age or appearance fool you – it still looks like a million bucks on the inside. This bus features a giant mirror on the ceiling that makes it look and feel twice as big. Plus, the lighting display gives it a little extra something special.


2008 Newmar Allstar Motorcoach Conversion Bus

Next, this 2008 Newmar 4258 Ultimate Tailgater just might be THE ultimate tailgater. This motorhome has a roof that extends off the side to provide you with shade while you enjoy your delicious burger or hot dog that you cooked on the grill that slides out from the back of the bus. It also opens up to a separate room in the back for easy access to an area with a sink, refrigerator and television.



1985 Neoplan Tour Bus for SaleIf you’re looking for your next big project, check out this 1985 Neoplan Tour Bus. The current owners say they bought it from NASA and used it as a tour bus in Florida. The original structure has been redone, but this 45-foot double decker bus stills needs some serious TLC from someone with a vision. The spacious upstairs offers tremendous opportunity for a bedroom, quite sitting area, game room for the kids, on-the-road office, you name it.




2003 Monaco Executive Motorhome for SaleWe’re betting that the current owners of this 2003 Monaco Executive Motorhome would agree that going on a road trip doesn’t mean you have to forfeit all luxury. The interior was updated in 2012 and now features two comfortable looking couches, a double kitchen sink, a fancy blue and silver tiled backsplash, and a kitchen table. But when we talked about luxury, what we really want to bring your attention to is the giant, king size bed that this gargantuan motorhome can carry. Who says you have to stay at a five star hotel in order to sleep on a plush, king size mattress?




1990 Neoplan Skyliner Motorcoach Conversion Bus for SaleLastly, we bring you this monstrosity. As if a 40-foot bus wasn’t big enough, the current owner had this 1990 Neoplan Skyliner Conversion stretched out to 45 feet. And if that still isn’t big enough for you, we should probably mention that it’s also a double decker that recently had an additional foot added to the height bringing it to a whopping 13 and a half feet. The interior needs a lot of work, but the plus side is that the new owner can customize this motorhome however he or she wants. It already has a few features such as a staircase with a spindle railing for that at-home feel. You can also see plans that the owner has included for a kitchen area and a sitting area on the second floor.



We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what the world of motor coach conversions has to offer. Since we find buses for sale across the country, we’re always bringing buyers great opportunities like the ones we’ve shared here. To search for a motor coach, visit our website.

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