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Online, there are many ways you can make your voice heard. Whether you want to buy a bus, sell a bus, or finance a bus purchase. Of course, maybe you aren't interested in buses. Maybe you are interested in some other kind of vehicle, or a bus service (such as renting a tour bus). And thats ok with us, we can work together. The key to making your voice heard, of course, is advertising. We specialize in advertising buses. So long as your business is similar to ours, we can help each other better serve our customers through advertising.

There are many ways to advertise your bus for sale on our site. You can place a featured ad on our slideshow to be displayed in a large rotating gallery of buses for sale. You can advertise your bus with a thumbnail in our classified section and a full page bus ad in the buses for sale inventory, where bus ads have a picture gallery and a more detailed description than the classified section. You also have a choice to place a banner bus ad on various pages of our site or advertise your link in our links page. If you own a website you may be interested in having a text or graphic link placed on our site in an effort to increase your page rank and traffic to your site. Visit our links page for more information regarding this style of advertising. Whatever kind of bus advertising you are interested, whether it is for bus ads or bus link ads, we can work together for the greater benefit of everyone involved. Generally, we charge $100 fee per bus ad (thats for one thumbnail area in the classified section, and one full page bus ad in our inventory). We accept offers on advertising fee reductions, or in some cases waivers. We offer bulk discounts if you wish for us to publish multiple bus ads, and we have even been known to offer bus advertising completely free.

Brokering Services

These services entitle you to the full range of advertising that we offer. We will advertise your bus on many of the pages on our site. Also, we will handle the details for you, including making and receiving calls on your behalf, and contacting bus dealers and others in the industry to get your bus sold fast. With over 100,000 page views of our website each month, your bus is sure to see the most action on the Buses For Sale website. With all of the traffic that we get, doing your bus advertising through us is a smart move. And if we broker your bus, we do all the leg work for you! Check out our Brokerage Service for more details. With www.busesforsale.com as your bus broker you'll get the cash you want for your motor coach.

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