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If you want to purchase a bus for business or list a bus for sale of your own, you have come to the right place. BusesForSale is the number one "bus stop" for used buses and motor coaches. We offer the widest variety of used buses for sale on the web. You can easily find new and used school buses for sale, tour buses, transit buses, mini buses, antique buses, motorcoach conversions, church buses, mid-size buses, party buses, and bus conversions. Find all makes and models from all brands, including MCI buses for sale, Dina buses, Setra, Chevy Bus, GMC, Van Hool, Bluebird, Ford buses, Eagle buses, Chevy mini buses, and MetroTrans. Search or browse our extensive inventory to find the perfect motorcoach or bus for sale in the U.S. for the best price!

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If you're selling a bus, please work with us to get the best return for your vehicle - broker your new or used buses for sale on our website. We have more than twenty years of experience in the bus industry, guaranteeing you that our knowledgeable bus dealers are working 24/7 to uncover a buyer for you vehicle. We receive more than 70,000 pageviews per month on our site and have hundreds of industry contacts, meaning selling a bus on our website is more advantageous than doing it on your own. Consistently growing, more people are buying and selling their buses through our website. Post your bus listing on the largest bus broker online, and discover the widest selection of used buses for sale.

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Specializing in Exporting Overseas, Buses For Sale Helps with Bus Delivery & Financing Worldwide

Regardless of your location around the globe, www.BusesForSale.com aims to provide to quality service with both finding the right buses, providing expert knowledge as well as help with financing and delivery options regardless of locations. Many times you will find that your area, be it as large as a country or as small as a township you might be surprised to learn how many regulations may exist governing how one party may import a vehicle from another area and properly register and meet all of the criteria, rules, specifiications, and laws of the 'new area'. In an ongoing effort to provide the bus community with information related to the processes invovled in export, import and delivery of used buses and motor-coaches we at www.BusesForSale.com will continue to make our best effort to find and display highly topical and reliable detailed information regarding these many facets of Bus Import, & Export both in the States and Export out of the Country Overseas. Even guides specific to certain popular geographic areas such as the rules that may be associated with buying, selling, import or export to and from Canada.

Below you can find some of our existing ongoing efforts to provide this information to the Bus Community at large. In the future you can expect a more steady stream of information from our newly dubbed "Bargin Bus News - By www.BusesForSale.com"

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Online bus sales for over 10 years www.busesforsale.com offers the highest in performance and quality in the bus industry. Our inventory consists of tour buses for sale and other varieties of used buses for sale (motor coaches) of all makes and models from the top manufacturers and we offer these to you at the best prices! Here you are sure to find the right bus for your needs, whether it be for your church, charter service, or bus company. We are pleased to offer you with new services which include a full brokering option. We will now handle all advertising, calls, and headaches on your behalf to put buyers and sellers of used buses for sale together at the best prices for both parties involved. Our website reaches thousands of potential buyers each month, which means that more people will see your bus here than anywhere else. The internet is a world wide market that makes available more potential customers than any other media today. Don't just sit at the stop; get on the motor coach sales bus today and get started with us! Many times we may even be able to offer you the cash you need for your bus today and save you the time it takes to find a buyer. We are the used bus sales specialists, and the best bus dealer for motor coach sales and tour buses for sale online. Sell a bus on www.busesforsale.com with confidence!

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